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Review features screen shots and cheat codes. "A fun game with tons of character. The difficulty and control tweaks mean that all that good stuff won't be lost in a flurry of frustration." Score: 3 out of 5.

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  • Four Fat Chicks - Review, with screen shots. "The frenetic pace and intense (sometimes mdk series frustrating) challenges of the 10 levels is absorbing, graphically most mdk series satisfying, quite varied and, most of all, funny."
  • PlanetPS2 - Reviewed by Andrei Alupului [87/100]. Includes screen shots.
  • Eurogamer - Reviewed by Tom Bramwell, score: 9 out of 10. "Reinvigorate reviews and previews your childhood fantasies of living in a cartoon and pick reviews and previews up MDK2 - there ain\'t much better in the genre." reviews and previews [Windows]
  • GamePro - Review features screen shots and cheat codes. "A mdk series fun mdk 2 game with tons of character. The difficulty mdk series and control mdk 2 tweaks mean that all that good mdk series stuff won\\'t be mdk 2 lost in a flurry of mdk series frustration." Score: 3 out mdk 2 of 5.
  • GameZone - Review [9/10]. "Beyond the radioactive bread products Bioware mdk 2 has created and intricate and bizarrely funny game mdk 2 that should delight followers of the series and mdk 2 newbies alike." Includes screen shots. (PlayStation 2)
  • Game Over - Review, score: 93%. Also includes screen shots and mdk 2 system reviews and previews requirements. [Windows]
  • - Rated 7.5/10 by Ben Hopper. "MDK2 is a visually stunning, solid 3-D action game for Dreamcast."
  • GameSpot - Erik Wolpaw review for PC [7.8/10] includes screenshots, download and movie. "It improves on the original\\'s technology and expands its gameplay without losing the off-kilter sense of humor that helped make MDK so unique."
  • Firing Squad - Review, score: 86%. "Though the game progression is mdk series linear, mdk series replayability exists in running through the game mdk series again just mdk series to see if you missed any mdk series of the subtle mdk series humor, and to finish the mdk series game as a different mdk series character, since each has mdk series its own ending."
  • MDK 2 - Game Revolution - Reviewed by Brian Gee, grade: B+. "Its mix of brains reviews and previews and brawn come together for some truly fun gameplay. But reviews and previews for a game that\\'s a year old, it would have reviews and previews been nice to see a little something extra." [PlayStation 2]
  • - Reviewed by Caryn Law, score: 91 out of reviews and previews 100. "The game draws the player into a reviews and previews highly entertaining storyline with fun characters, beautiful graphics, reviews and previews and an addictive interactive experience." [Windows]
  • FiringSquad - Interview with Greg Zeschuk.

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