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Contains sites about clans for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

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See Also:
  • Iron Fist - Features a member list, recruitment information, and group clans and guilds rules.
  • Evil Dictators [EVDI] - Features match schedules, roster, server information and forums.
  • Last Ones Standing - Offers member profiles, maps, skins, add-ons, and forum.
  • IFOR Clan - Offers information, message board, roster and enlistment details.
  • Medal of Honor R9 Clan - Features roster, member pictures, skins and forums.
  • Big Red One - Roster and forum.
  • Cheaters Lamers And Noobs - Based in Israel. Roster, rules, and contact information.
  • Seb - Playing Medal of Honor and Call of Duty series games. clans and guilds Offers forums, images, and a roster.
  • SLY - Roster and server information.
  • KPAX - Includes roster, match information, downloads and links.
  • OMIG - Roster, forum, image gallery, custom maps and mods, medal of honor series and server information.
  • Virtually Harmless Gamers |v-H-g| - Member rosters and match information.
  • 3rd Rangers Battalion - Offers roster, rules, member and match information.
  • Pure F*ckin' Magic - Match schedules, roster, and information about the clan\\'s medal of honor series server.
  • UKClan - Plays mostly Breakthrough Liberation. Roster and custom maps.
  • 420th Regiment - Contains rosters, match information and forums.
  • [509thSS] Tactical - Server information, downloadable maps, member profiles, rules, and medal of honor - allied assault forum.
  • Brothas On Rampaging Onslaught [BORO] - Contains rosters, battle reports and server information.
  • SS Elite Clan Germany - Features clan member information, mods, skins, screenshots and forums. [German/English]
  • Dark Mercs - Based in Sweden. Roster, skins and modes, and medal of honor medal of honor series - allied assault image gallery.
  • Soldiers of Dark Shadows - Roster and match results.
  • Knights fo the Round - Roster, recruiting information, server information, and rules.
  • 8th Panzer Division - Offers news, roster, rules, chat and a guestbook.
  • God Kill The Queen - Contains basic information about the clan.
  • SinnerS - Roster, rules, news, match information, and forum.
  • Cabo Clan - Desktop wallpapers, screen shots, and roster.
  • Scums Elite - Photo gallery, server information and rules, match results, medal of honor - allied assault roster, and forums.

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