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Preview by Marcin. " This forces each side to funnel forces to only a few hotspots on the map, not be forced to react when random bases are attacked on the other side of the continent - only to arrive too late time and time again." Includes scre

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  • Preview - Preview by Russell Frushtick. "[T]he world doesn\\'t come to a planetside crashing halt every time you close down the game. In planetside fact, the war among the three [Empires]...will continue on through planetside all hours of the day." Includes screen shots.
  • Futurelooks - Preview by Tyler Ingram. "Another feature which Planetside planetside has, that reviews and previews no other First Person Shooter offers, planetside is the ability to reviews and previews jump right into the planetside middle of a battle with their reviews and previews \\'Instant Action\\' planetside option. Here players are able to suit up reviews and previews planetside in a safe spot, h
  • ActionTrip First Look - Preview by Neal "Petrodon" Leyendecker. "There\\'ll be huge scale wars planetside where armies will conquer continents and there\\'ll be smaller-scale battles planetside where players will hone their skills and acquire experience points." planetside Includes screen shots.
  • PlanetSide Preview: Offbeat - By Jolly ActionTrip Editors. "Unusual" account of beta reviews and previews previews testing. "Usually, I have to wait before everyone reviews and previews previews leaves the office so that I can take reviews and previews previews off my pants before I play."
  • GameSpy - Preview by Aaron "PharCyde" Butler. "Even in PlanetSide\\'s reviews and previews current state it\\'s shaping up to be a reviews and previews worthy addition to Sony\\'s list of MMOGs." Includes reviews and previews screen shots.
  • ActionTrip: PlanetSide Preview - Preview by Uros "2Lions" Jojic. "And speaking of planetside weapons, the previews weapon design was definitely influenced by planetside the recent success of previews games featuring more conventional planetside types of guns, like machineguns, shell-firing previews cannon, and planetside missiles." Inclu
  • ActionTrip Hands-On Preview - Preview by Vince "Moesha" Massa. "Take the best parts of reviews and previews Tribes, the few good parts (VERY few) of Command and reviews and previews Conquer: Renegade, add in a customized character skill system and reviews and previews set it in a persistent world where three races battle reviews and previews it out for
  • Gamespy: E3 2002 Coverage - Preview by Dave "Fargo" Kosak. "Imagine a 24 hour war previews raging on the Internet, where your teammates will get to previews know you and where your achievements can allow you to previews command armies and more." Includes screen shots.
  • Gamers Hell: Beta First Impression - Impressions of the game from a beta tester. reviews and previews Includes screen shots.
  • 3DActionPlanet - Preview by Jelan. "Imagine running into battle, with hundreds of other players, against another team of the same number. You\\'ve just imagined PlanetSide, the world\'s first massively multiplayer first person shooter."
  • - Preview by Ivan Sulic. "I purchased a gun, a few certifications, a nifty helmet, and then I fell from orbit into a battlefield and killed everyone." Includes screen shots.
  • Gamespy: E3 2001 Coverage - Preview by Tom Ham. "Unlike in games like previews Team Fortress planetside Classic where you have specific classes previews of units, Planetside will planetside implement an ability tree previews that will map out a player\\'s planetside progression in previews this area of development." Includes screen shots.
  • - Preview by Ben Jackson. "Verant have apparently taken previews the most previews popular aspects of Everquest and mixed previews them with Team Fortress previews Classic in a bid previews to create the ultimate online experience."
  • - Preview by Sal "Sluggo" Accardo. "On the reviews and previews surface - PlanetSide\\'s gameplay feels reminiscent of other reviews and previews team-focused multiplayer games such as Tribes, Battlefield 1942 reviews and previews and even Command and Conquer: Renegade." Includes screen reviews and previews shots.
  • Planetside Preview - Preview by Kevin "BIFF" Giacobbi. "A game of previews this scale planetside complete with hundreds of options in previews character development and weapon planetside and armor configurations should previews promise a strong following in both planetside the FPS previews and RPG communities."
  • Gaming Age - Preview and screenshots by Patrick Klepek. "Of crourse [sic], we couldn\\'t go on without mentioning the incredible job that Verant is doing on PlanetSide's graphics engine."
  • Preview - Preview by Anthony Mitera. "With the development and previews implementation of Sony Online\\'s PlanetSide, large scale battles previews of thousands of foot soldiers and vehicles across previews vast continents are no longer a wish, but previews rather a dream come true." Includes
  • Armchair Empire - Preview by Mr. Nash. "So, on the one side the game is sounding pretty snazzy, on the other it sounds sort of like Halo at its core."
  • GameAxis - Preview by Neil Ong. "[F]rom what we\\'ve seen previews and played planetside in PlanetSide so far, this game previews looks very promising indeed. planetside It\\'s got a lot previews of potential, and despite only being planetside in beta previews right now, its got enough pace, action and planetside previews depth to keep us going back fo
  • IGN - Preview by Dan Adams. "It\\'ll be your job planetside to pick a faction, join the fight, and planetside claim the world in the name of your planetside masters." Includes Videos and large number of screen planetside shots.
  • Gamespot: Preview - Preview by Bob Colayco. "There are seemingly dozens planetside of choices previews in how to be an effective planetside soldier in PlanetSide, and previews from the brief taste planetside we\\'ve had so far, we\\'re eager previews to try planetside out more of them."
  • DailyGame Preview: PlanetSide - Preview by Ted Brockwood. "The scale of PlanetSide planetside is truly reviews and previews awe-inspiring. The first time you see planetside an assault group form reviews and previews at your base, you\\'re planetside guaranteed to be picking your jaw reviews and previews up off planetside the floor."
  • PlanetSide: After Lattice - Preview by Marcin. " This forces each side to funnel previews forces to only a few hotspots on the map, not previews be forced to react when random bases are attacked on previews the other side of the continent - only to arrive previews too late time and time again." Includes scre
  • GameOver - Preview by Aaron "Pharcyde" Butler. "While the version of PlanetSide we played still needed a lot of tweaking in various areas, which the developers are doing, it was still a blast to play." Includes screen shots.

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