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Clan site - brief history with roster and forum - photo page is also included - Clan deals in MW4 Vengeance "unpatched" version.

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See Also:
  • Al Bhed Clan Site - Roster, screenshots, and a clan language are included.
  • Force Edge Elite Homepage - Mercenary unit site - includes roster, news, mechlab, profiles, and mechwarrior 4 - vengeance team statistics.
  • Periphery Bandits - Pirate unit - Homepage for the unit includes brief history and lists members.
  • Clan Wolverine - Clan site with history, store, roster, guides and mechwarrior series downloads.
  • Clan Nova Cat - Clan unit fighting in the NetBattleTech Mercs League. clans and guilds Includes news, forum, roster, history and code of clans and guilds conduct sections.
  • Clan Black Talon - Clan site - includes roster, news, medals, ribbons, clans and guilds clans and guilds awards.
  • Clan Goliath Scorpion - Clan site including touman, news, forum, calendar and clans and guilds downloads sections.
  • Warlords of Earth - Shen-Se Tian - Pirate unit of NetBattleTech Mercs League. Maps, FAQs mechwarrior 4 - mechwarrior 4 - vengeance vengeance section, join instructions, rules, rankings and forum.
  • Spanishlance Clan - Clan site, includes a translator, roster, challengers, downloads, mechwarrior 4 - vengeance gallery, and Forum sections. [Spanish and English]
  • Wolverine Solutions - Clan website - with information on playing the game, message mechwarrior series boards, membership request, links to other relevant web sites, and mechwarrior series pertinent downloads for MW4.
  • Kell Hounds - Mercenary unit playing in NetBattleTech Mercs League. News, mechwarrior 4 - mechwarrior series vengeance archive, contact and log in sections.
  • Clan Ghost Bear - Clan site - touman, history, forum, instructions for mechwarrior 4 - clans and guilds vengeance joining and links included. Member of the NetBattleTech mechwarrior 4 clans and guilds - vengeance Mercs League.
  • Clan Diamond Shark - Clan site containing the clan roster, history, individual pilot data, mechwarrior 4 - vengeance bloodname index, and downloads.
  • LOTK and or Snow Raven - Offers membership links, roster, history, and messageboard.
  • Hell Hawks Clan - Clan site with sections including ranks, allies and mechwarrior series a schedule for battles.
  • Clan Hells Horses - Clan site for unit in NetBattleTech Mercs League. Includes a mechwarrior series calendar, forum, roster, downloads, pictures and enlistment sections.
  • Clan WidowMaker - Clan site for NetBattleTech Mercs League group. Contains mechwarrior 4 - vengeance roster, HPG, calendar, images, links, information on joining mechwarrior 4 - vengeance and a news section.
  • Dark Brotherhood - Clan website with contact info, roster, terminology, rules, mechwarrior series and mechwarrior 4 - vengeance join request pages.
  • Clan Ice Hellion - Clan site includes forum, roster, news, downloads and mechwarrior series statistics clans and guilds sections. Also includes information on joining.
  • The 95th Rifles - Mercenaries unit with history, mech lab, roster, chat clans and guilds rooms and forums. Also includes downloads section and clans and guilds field manuals.
  • Clan =UnSeeN= - Clan site - brief history with roster and forum - photo page is also included - Clan deals in MW4 Vengeance "unpatched" version.
  • Blood Raiders - Mercenary group - MW4 and guildwars gaming community. mechwarrior series Offers a forum, roster and links.

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