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A Metal Gear internet club that has detailed descriptions of weapons, some images of Metal Gear weapons, a forum, and secrets.

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See Also:
  • DeadCell HQ - Collectors site. Includes listings of all officially released metal gear series items, and images of the author\'s own collection.
  • Metal Gear Solid World - Includes overviews of each game. Some games have supporting character mecha combat simulation information and cheats.
  • Outer Heaven Resistance - Includes back-stories, character guides, weapon information and metal gear series image galleries.
  • HideoBlog - Official weblog of Hideo Kojima, game director and creator of the series.
  • The Snake Soup - Humorful Metal Gear fansite with news, articles and forums.
  • GameSpot - Review by Jeff Gerstmann, scoring 8.5/10: "To say that the shooter length of the game is disappointing is generous at best."
  • Sons Of Liberty - A Patriot Free site dedicated to Metal Gear mecha combat simulation information.
  • Unit Fox-Hound - Information on the series, focusing on Unit Fox metal gear series Hound.
  • Metal Gear Solid Extra - Information on the series, including storylines, characters, deleted metal gear series shooter scenes, and screenshots.
  • goldenX's Metal Gear Universe - Characters, arsenal, maps, images, strategies, and downloads.
  • Metal Gear Solid Forums - Forums for discussion on each game in the series. shooter Registration required to post.
  • Metal Gear Solid Club - A Metal Gear internet club that has detailed shooter descriptions of weapons, some images of Metal Gear shooter weapons, a forum, and secrets.
  • Tom's MGS and MGS 2 website - This site contains detailed information on Metal Gear shooter Solid and mecha combat simulation VR Missions for PlayStation as well shooter as information on Metal mecha combat simulation Gear Solid 2: Sons shooter Of Liberty for PlayStation2.
  • Madrox Snakes Lair of Metal Gear - Brief descriptions of the games, and a few shooter downloads.
  • GW and MGS Central - Includes game information and character biographies.
  • The Metal Gear Files - Pictures and downloads for all the games in the Metal shooter Gear series.

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