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Review by Etali, scoring 9/10: "The AI is some of the best I've seen in bots in a long time."

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  • Game Tunnel - A review by Damjan Flegar: "Much less frustrating war world for shooter the average gamer than most mech games, war world but at shooter the same time less engaging and war world complex."
  • War World - The official site offers news, downloads, game infos, shooter forums, screenshots and movies.
  • Myth Games - Review by Etali, scoring 9/10: "The AI is mecha combat simulation some of the best I\\'ve seen in bots mecha combat simulation in a long time."
  • Gamezone: War World - A review by Matt Eberle (8.6/10): "Instead of shooter focusing in mecha combat simulation on heavy plot the game plays shooter to its strengths - mecha combat simulation a unique combat experience." shooter Also includes screenshots and tips.

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