Engines Modifications and Add-Ons Quake Quake Series

Upgrades and revisions to the Quake client.

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  • JoeQuake Project Page - Supports high resolution textures, advanced demo and map quake menus, QMB engines particle support and numerous advanced graphics quake features.
  • QMB - GPL Quake Project - Engine featuring advanced particle and rendering systems.
  • ProQuake: The official continuation of ProQuake - ProQuake is an improved GLQuake client and entirely quake modernized for modifications and add-ons improved online play.
  • Fruitz of Dojo - A port for Intel based Macs of Quake.
  • Fitzquake - A modified glquake with the primary focus on modifications and add-ons fixing the rendering bugs.
  • Vengeance r2.1.3 - Features scriptable particle system, new lighting effects, and engines motion blurs.
  • Sketch Quake - A Quake engine that features modern weapon view quake per player.
  • Home - PocketMatrix.com - Engine source port to Pocket PC
  • DarkPlaces - Supports shell casings falling to the floor, improved bullet impacts, engines 32bit color alpha blended explosions and numerous other improvements.
  • Qrack - High resolution texture supporting client with many multiplayer modifications and add-ons features ported from ProQuake; based on JoeQuake engine.
  • Tremor - High resolution supporting Quake client with built-in single modifications and add-ons modifications and add-ons player versus bots capabilities.

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