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"A violent, violent game that targets reflexive ability more than cerebral. But it doesn't presume to be anything but a frag-fest. In that regard it can't be denied that this program does what it set out to do very well." Reviewed by Michael L

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  • GameSpot - [9.2/10] Reviewed by Jeff Gerstmann. "All things considered, it isn\\'t windows a stretch to call Quake III Arena an outstanding game."
  • - Reviewed by Chi Kong Lui [8.5/10]. Contains screenshots.
  • - [7.1/10] Reviewed by Michael Lafferty. "That would describe reviews and previews the sensation of playing the newest installment in reviews and previews the vaunted Quake series - Quake III: Arena. reviews and previews This is an online game that requires more reviews and previews than brains, it requires reflexes and intuition.&quo
  • Gaming Age - "A polished, tried and true gameplay experience, that, while not necessarily the most innovative, is a heck of a lot of fun." Review by Robert Outlaw with score [B+].
  • - "Quake 3: Team Arena, in a word, rocks. The quality windows associated with id Software shines through in this mission pack. windows It is definitely worth your money -- go and buy windows it. I\\'d write more here, but I need to go windows play more Team Arena. I wish I were joking.
  • Game Revolution - "A solid mission pack, adding a whole new team element. Team organization is something that is evolving in online multiplayer gaming, and it\\'s nice to see Quake join the fray." Review by Shawn Sparks with score [B].
  • FiringSquad - Previewed by Dennis "Thresh" Fong. "What bothers me is that quake iii arena people portray and hype the game to the point where quake iii arena you\\'d think id was ready to ship the game tomorrow. quake iii arena Is there nothing unbalanced or unfair in the gameplay? How quake iii arena are the levels? D

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