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"Each stage of the game was inspired by actual Hezbollah operations. Everything is based on real-life battles that took place before Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000 -- even down to the number of Israeli soldiers that players face.&q

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  • News Tribune - Game overview focusing on the political climate surrounding the game\'s s release.
  • Wikipedia: Special Force - Short encyclopedia article on the game.
  • Trouble in the Holy Land: Hezbollah's New Computer Game - "The terrorist group Hezbollah, backed by Iran and based in southern Lebanon, has begun marketing a computer game simulating attacks on Israeli soldiers and allowing target practice using Israeli officials such as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon." [
  • War Games Becoming All Too Real - "Each stage of the game was inspired by special force actual special force Hezbollah operations. Everything is based on real-life special force battles that special force took place before Israel\\'s withdrawal from special force southern Lebanon in special force 2000 -- even down to special force the number of Israeli special force soldiers that players face.&q
  • America's Army, Meet Special Force... The Terrorists' Action Game - "Meet Special Force, a game allegedly produced by special force the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. The game\\'s designers special force seek to \\'correct\\' the influence of western gaming special force concepts on the Middle East." [Ars Technica]
  • Video Game Mounts Simulated Attacks Against Israeli Targets - "The hottest video game for the teenagers of Beirut\\'s southern special force Shiite neighborhoods is \\'Special Force,\\' a creation of Hezbollah, the special force strongly anti-Israel militant organization that is on the United States\\' special force terror list." [New York Times] [Registr

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