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See Also:
  • Wrichards Realm - Fan missions, tools for dromed and designs.
  • Thievery UT - A project to bring the gameplay and style thief series of Thief to an Unreal Tournament format multi-player thief series game.
  • Model Makers' Vault - A collection of AI meshes, objects and weapons modifications and add-ons thief series for use with dromed.
  • MaJiC's Thief Resources - Textures, multibrushes, objects for dromed and fan missions.
  • T2x: Shadows of the Metal Age - Unofficial expansion of T2 with 13 new missions.
  • Ruins of Originia - FM campaign of 11 missions to download, with screenshots, briefings, t background and walkthrough.
  • NativeArt Design - Fan missions, demos and media with regular news t of work in progress.
  • Taffer Games - Includes FM\'s Dromed tools, mission FX, tips and t screen shots.

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