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Clans are groups of people who play the game as a team against other groups, or clans.

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See Also:
  • DDT - [R6, RS] NATO clan with news, creed, rules, and joining tom clancy games information.
  • S.W.A.T - Includes rules, a roster and an application form.
  • GameBattles - League for Rainbow Six 3. Offers team standings, forums, rainbow six series and signup instructions.
  • Temple of Pain - [R6,RS] Forum, news, downloads and team roster.
  • The 3XL Squad - [R6, EW, RS, UO, CO] Tips, modifications, other clans and guilds rainbow six series downloads and a forum.
  • Animal Kingdom (AK) - [R6] Includes patches, members, links, contact, screenshots, forum
  • Global Clan Killers - Includes member and tryout information along with screenshots, rainbow six series clans and guilds weapon mods, maps, and missions.
  • The Untouchables - [R6, RS] Roster, mission statement, and downloadable armpatch.
  • EUR Clan (EUR) - Clan information, news, clan battles, schedules, roster, ranking list, screenshots, members and members only section
  • Gravediggaz - News, recruiting, downloads, tutorials and links.
  • Fatal Assassins - Includes rules, roster, and information about how to join.
  • Xtreme Terrorist Squad - [R6, RS, UO, CO] News, schedule, rules, modifications clans and guilds tom clancy games and file downloads, allies, enemies and links.
  • 911 - [R6, EW, RS, UO] Invitation-only clan with links, downloads, news, FAQ, tactics, philosophy, forum, and chat.
  • Speed, Aggression and Surprise (SPAS) - Clan history, rules, tactics, links, downloads, screen shots rainbow six series and news.
  • WW2 Combat Engineers - Includes member information and screenshots.
  • League of Extraordinary Gamers - [RS3, MM3, TS and PGR2] Information on members, ranking systems rainbow six series and how to join.
  • Silent Assassins Corp. (S.A.C.) - News, clan code, members and recruiting section, allies and enemies, rainbow six series modificationss, downloads and links.
  • Elite Force Squadron - Includes information about members, rank, and rules.
  • ISOC - News, forum, promotions, divisions, members, clan rules, contact, clans and guilds recruiting, links.
  • The Sixth Sense - Includes downloads, statistics, joining information, maps, and tools for Rogue Spear.
  • Fighting Foreign Legion - Playing Raven Shield and Rogue Spear. Offers forums, screenshots clans and guilds and rules for each.
  • Danish Task Force - Playing Raven Shield and Athena Sword. includes forums, roster, match history, weapon guides and a gallery.
  • The International Spies - Member list and chat room.
  • Nato International Guardians: Hostile Task Force (NIGHT) - [R6 (retired)] Memorial, members database, forum, guestbook, favoured rainbow six series links and "Last Post" bugle call (midi sequence).
  • British Elite Espionage Force - Playing Black Arrow. Includes a roster, match summary, and forum.

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