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  • Apollo Guide - Review by Paul Barron. [80/100] "...well-executed, challenging and fun"
  • GameCritics.com - (8.5) Two reviews of the Nintendo 64 version rainbow six series reviews and previews of the game. [Requires free registration]
  • ign.com - Covert Ops Essentials review by Scott Steinberg. [6.4/10]
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  • Gamespot - [7.4/10]GameBoy Color version reviewed by Frank Provo rainbow six series rainbow six "Metal Gear Solid or Army Men might be rainbow six series rainbow six better choices"
  • FiringSquad - [76/100] Reviewed by Jakub Wojnarowicz "Raven Shield is reviews and previews reviews and previews a solid entry in the series..."
  • Epinions - Consumer reviews for the N64 version.

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