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[7/10] Reviewed by: Steve Butts, score "It may seem dated, but it's still hard to argue against even more Rogue Spear."

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  • - Review by Tom Chick [68/100] "There\\'s not enough rogue spear here rainbow six series to justify the cost if you already rogue spear have Rogue rainbow six series Spear."
  • IGN - [7/10] Reviewed by: Steve Butts, score "It may black thorn seem dated, but it\\'s still hard to argue black thorn against even more Rogue Spear."
  • Cheat Code Central - Contains cheat and debugging codes.
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by: Erik Wolpaw, score 6.9/10. "It\\'s a rainbow six series rogue spear well-made but entirely prosaic map pack."
  • - Reviewed by Stephen Leyton [7/10] "There really is nothing new rogue spear to Black Thorn that will make you go 'wow'."
  • - [6.9] By Erik Wolpaw "It\\'s a solid but unremarkable addition rainbow six series to the aging tactical shooter."
  • The Electric Playground - Reviewed by Jason MacIsaac [8/10] "...good way to rogue spear leave things until we see what Red Storm rogue spear has to show us next."

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