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  • gamespot: covert ops - [5.2/10] Expansion reviewed by Erik Wolpaw."half Rogue Spear mission pack and half civil service test simulator."
  • Gamezone: Urban Operations - [7.5/10] Reviewed by Michael Lafferty "...a tense thrill ride"
  • Gamer's Hell - GBA version reviewed [4/10} "a big disappointment to me"
  • Gamezone: Covert Ops - [9/10] Expansion reviewed by Kemuel "This is one rainbow six series reviews and previews hell of a game"
  • GameSpot - Preview with screen shots.
  • GameSpot UK - Short preview and links.
  • gamezone - [7.4/10] Reviewed by Mike Lafferty "demands a sharp mind and sharper reflexes"
  • Gamespot - [7/10] GBA version reviewed by Miguel Lopez "the results are reviews and previews surprisingly sound"
  • Game Revolution - Review by Joe with score card.
  • PlanetDreamcast - Review By Mr. Domino.
  • IGN - Preview with screen shots, images, and system requirements.

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