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Is dedicated to the single player games of Unreal 1 and 2 and the mission pack, Return to Na Pali. Offers guides, map reviews, fan art and fiction.

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Unreal Universe* - Official website. Includes information on Unreal, Unreal II, Unreal Championship, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, and an Unreal mission pack.
PlanetUnreal* - Contains news, articles, interviews, downloads, game information, and forums.

  • Old Unreal - Provides maps, patches, tutorials, walkthroughs and a forum u for Unreal shooter 1 and Unreal Tournament 99.
  • UT Chile Servers - A list of game servers.
  • UnrealSP.Org - Is dedicated to the single player games of unreal games Unreal shooter 1 and 2 and the mission pack, unreal games Return to shooter Na Pali. Offers guides, map reviews, unreal games fan art and shooter fiction.
  • Active Unreal Servers - List of multiplayer servers.
  • Unreal Gaming - Contains news, editorials, interviews, reviews and previews, links, servers, forums, hosting, maps, skins, models, mods, prefabs, and series information.
  • Prounreal - Dedicated to the competitive playing of the gaming u series. Offers u articles, news and a forum.
  • The Unreal Palace - Includes guides on modifications, summoning, enemies, items, and u guns.
  • Sinistral's Unreal - Deathmatch and assault levels for download.
  • UnrealZA - Based in South Africa, offers community forums, game shooter servers, file u downloads, clan information, general resources, and shooter news.
  • BeyondUnreal - Offers news, tutorials, downloads, and forums.

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