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Idependet developed games are games developed without major software producer backing or support. Most games are freeware or shareware.

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  • SourceForge: Valkyrie Simulation Project - Flight Simulation for vehicles from the Macross Universe (aka Robotech).
  • CFSIP Games - Contains flight IP games and design forums.
  • AirStrike - A 2D dogfight game in the tradition of simulation the Intellivision simulation and Amiga games \\'Biplanes\\' and \\'BIP\\'. simulation Includes screenshots, information, simulation and downloads.
  • Valkyrie Simulation Project - Contains news and information.
  • Arenalogic - Offers news, downloads, and discussion.
  • OpenGC - A open-source tool for developing glass cockpit displays for simulated flightdecks.
  • YS Flight Simulation - A free and open source flightsim Realism Pack. independent developers independent developers Offers demos and development files.
  • Double Delta - Geared towards recreating a classic, but is becoming simulation quite a independent developers simulator in the process. Provides simulation information, screenshots and news.
  • Aerofly - A realistic model aircraft flight-simulator for Windows 95 flight and 98.
  • VOR Navigation Simulator - An online navigation simulator game (Requires a java independent developers enabled browser).
  • ACM - Air Combat Simulation - Downloadable simulation with information and services.
  • AIRLINE - Aviation Business Simulation - Game information, downloads and screenshots.
  • Vertigo Flight Simulator - Public domain flight simulator, information, downloads, and screenshots.

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