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See Also:
  • Department of Labor - Details of the various career tracks available in the sims series the original game and expansions.
  • eLook Gamecube Cheats - Offers summary of the game's cheats and codes.
  • Jeff's Object Guide - A guide of original Maxis iff items included in The Sims, Living Large and House Party.
  • The Sims Unofficial Website - Cheat codes and gameplay hints.
  • Game Revolution: The Sims Cheat Codes - Cheats, codes, hints and help for The Sims the sims from the sims Game Revolution.
  • EepĀ² - The Sims - Technical information on modification and customization. Also compares cheats and hints cheats and hints the game to other 3D games.
  • MattzSimz - Details cheats for The Sims and Livin\\' Large. cheats and hints the sims series Also has a few downloadable walls, floors, pictures, cheats and hints the sims series and recolored objects.
  • Sims Cheats N Stuff - Includes cheats, codes, and a chat,
  • The Sims Pro - Guide book to The Sims for PC and the sims Mac.
  • The List by Stina - A list of original Maxis skins, objects, walls, the sims series cheats and hints and floors.
  • Cheat Code Central: The Sims Cheats - Offers a range of cheat codes and commands the sims series the sims series which are ordered alphabetically.
  • Sims Cheats and Tips - Captain Packrat offers cheat codes and background information cheats and hints the sims for players.
  • Sim Help - Articles on House Party tips, technical issues, downloading, the sims series and recovering lost serial numbers.

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