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  • - Reviewed by Carla Harker, [4/5]. "Easily the best expansion pack Maxis has yet created for The Sims."
  • - The Sims Makin' Magic - Reviewed by Peter Suciu. "There\\'s a sideshow assistant makin\' magic to help you with your tricks, plus snake makin\' magic charmers, mummies, vampires, and enough other characters to makin\' magic make this seem like a 1930\'s horror movie makin' magic reunion!"
  • The Gamers Temple - The Sims Makin' Magic - An Interview with Jonathan Knight. "The Sims Makin\\' Magic includes some of the wackiest character skins we\\'ve done, including witches, ogres, sprites, wizards, and a suite of Renaissance clothes. But you have to cast magic to get to some of the best

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