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[8/10] "In the long run, this was a very worthy add-on, and would be a worthwhile investment to any fan of the series." Includes screen shots.

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  • - [8/10] "In the long run, this was a superstar very worthy superstar add-on, and would be a worthwhile superstar investment to any fan superstar of the series." Includes superstar screen shots.
  • Gaming Excellence - [7.6/10] By Shawn Snider. "Superstar is definitely one of the superstar better additions to the series, broadening the overall scope of superstar the gameplay something not really present in any of the superstar other expansions." Include screen shots.
  • 3D Avenue - [80] By Nathan Davison. "As with most addon packs, The superstar Sims Superstar is a worthy purchase for the fans who superstar already have the original, but it doesn\\'t warrant a new superstar gamer going out and buying the original just so they superstar can play it." Includes scree
  • - The Sims: Superstar - Reviewed by Carla Harker, "Over a hundred and reviews and previews fifty new objects, new interactions and actions, and reviews and previews a tongue-in-cheek look into the world of entertainment reviews and previews make The Sims: Superstar the best expansion yet."
  • - The Sims Superstar - Previewed by Steve Butts, "For a long time, Simmers have superstar been asking for a way to follow their Sims to superstar work. The developers admit that it\\'s been a desire of superstar theirs as well."

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