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  • KCC-Collections - Showcase of clothing designs, particularly cow-designs and Bavarian outfits, both male and female. Also furniture and transportation.
  • White Light Productions - Catalog of vehicles and both men\\'s and women\\'s massive multiplayer online designs clothing.
  • Tsao Mao Designs - Offers a gallery of available and pending clothing massive multiplayer online designs.
  • Nerina's Designs for There - Transportation and clothing designs for women.
  • Tracings, Ltd. - Offers clothing for purchase through auctions. Also designs provides tips on becoming a developer and keeping designs track of profits.
  • Dream Weaver Creations - Designs for women and men available for auction.
  • Roonster Boardshaping Co. - Specializes in hoverboards and also offers some clothing, as well as an exchange service.
  • Cloud Sublime Designs - Pajamas, slippers, and other designs for men and women.
  • The Candy Shoppe - Offers women's clothing and furniture.
  • ZeDDesign - Clothing for women.
  • OY! - Product designs for There, including clothing, vehicles, and designs objects.
  • Kirmeo Design - Multiple styles of clothing, transportation, and home decor.
  • Storm-chan's Paint Shop - Male and female clothing and sets, as well as furniture and vehicles.
  • MDesign - Custom designs for members.
  • Glass Lion Design - Fashions and transportation available.

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