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The program simulates the thermodynamics of a steam locomotive, including the engine, boiler, and all major controls. It allows the user to "drive" a simulated locomotive over a nominated route.

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Train-Sim.Com* - Downloads, software news, Trainmaster and Microsoft Train Simulator forums plus general rail news.

  • Train Driving Simulator - Information about train simulator programs with realistic cab-views, video games mainly trains from Japan. Includes links into Japanese sites video games to make trains it easy to navigate.
  • MobyGames - The Train: Escape to Normandy - World War 2 Action-Simulation where the player uses video games a trains train to reach Allied lines in the video games Normandy.
  • SL Bench - An innovative simulation game, which is quite different from those simulation you have seen to date.
  • S I A M's Home Page - Full details of SIAM\\'s range of rail simulations for simulation the PC, including driving, signaling and traffic control. Free samples simulation are available for downloading.
  • Freight Yard Manager Community - Freeware yard simulator using 2D satellite views of rail yards. Downloads, wiki and forum.
  • Yard Duty - Network based simulation of building and breaking up trains in video games prototypical yards. Includes screenshots and shareware client download.
  • Free Train Simulator - Sourceforge project to develop a free (and open trains source) 3D simulation Train Driving Simulator based on the trains CrystalSpace 3D Engine.
  • Steam Locomotive Simulator - The program simulates the thermodynamics of a steam locomotive, including the engine, boiler, and all major controls. It allows the user to "drive" a simulated locomotive over a nominated route.
  • Kuju Rail Simulator - New game under development from Kuju Entertainment. Wallpaper for download.
  • LocoSim - Swiss locomotive simulation program. Free limited version for simulation download.
  • Your Sinclair Review: Evening Star - Rated 8/10 by Rick Robson. "A red hot and steamy train sim that\\'s on the right track. Challenging and tricky, though less than startling graphically."
  • Black 5 - Steam locomotive simulator under development. Demo available for video games download.
  • Yahoo! Groups: ATD3 - Group for users of Paul Robins` Amiga Train simulation Driver Simulator simulation TD3 also PC users emulating the simulation Amiga with WinUAE/WinFellow.
  • Train driving simulators. Mosaic Mapping UK - Train driving simulators with an emphasis on performance accuracy and signalling. BR Western Region, HST, most classic diesels and some DMUs.
  • CroTrainz - Reviews, news and descriptions of train simulation software. trains Downloadable routes trains and objects for train simulators.
  • Mosaic Mapping train simulators. Latest info. - Train simulation still in development. Offers information, simulation screenshots, and demo downloads.
  • VlakoSim - 3D train traffic simulator similar to Transport Tycoon video games but simulation without money. Includes downloads and object video games galleries.
  • Rails Across America - Strategy game of nationwide US railroads. Demo for trains download.
  • Zusi - Der Zugsimulator - German train simulator. Offers demo version. [English/German]
  • Train Master - Official Site. Downloadable demo, user forum and FAQs.
  • YKTrain homepage - Windows freeware game that can read BVE route video games files.
  • Opaku's Train Kit - JavaScript animated GIF for your web page. Editing trains tools along video games with samples for download.
  • Train Director CTC Simulator - Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) simulation program. Play the simulation role of a train dispatcher on many existing simulation scenarios (mainly European), or create your own scenarios. simulation Open Source.

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