NCAA College Football 2K2 NCAA College Football 2K Series NCAA Games American Football

College football game featuring seven primary modes of play: scrimmage, tournament, exhibition, season, legacy (franchise), tutorial, and network, the last of which allows you play head-to-head online with up to eight opponents.

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  • IGN - Reviewed by: Anthony Chau, score 7.8/10. "If you ncaa games like ncaa college football 2k series your NFL2K with some college flavor, you\\'ll ncaa games be satisfied, ncaa college football 2k series somewhat."
  • Planet Dreamcast - Reviewed by: Josh Hiscock, score 8/10. "NCAA 2k2 shows a lot of promise."
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by: Shahed Ahmed, score 8.5/10. "NCAA College ncaa games Football ncaa college football 2k2 2002 proficiently upholds the legacy set forth ncaa games by Sega\'s ncaa college football 2k2 NFL 2K series."
  • The Electric Playground - Reviewed by: : Chris Zimmerman, score 90%. "College ncaa games Football ncaa games 2K2 is about the best in the ncaa games business."
  • Game Revolution - Hints for the game.
  • Gaming Age - Reviewed by: Sean Ireland, score C+. "Unless you are a fanatical college football fan, there is no reason to own both NCAA 2K2 and NFL 2K2."
  • Sports Gaming Network - Reviewed by: James Smith, score 81%. "Despite the lacking legacy ncaa college football 2k series mode of the game and some issues in the running ncaa college football 2k series game, NCAA 2K2 is an incredibly fun play."

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