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Reviewed by Ernie Halal [Grade: D+]. "It plays and looks like a game that could have been worth your time a few years ago, when most games had mediocre graphics and at least a few gameplay flaws." Includes screen shots.

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  • Sports Gaming Network - Reviewed by Tim Martin [47/100]. "While I thought NFL GameDay ncaa gamebreaker series made some strides against the NFL competition, I don\\'t think ncaa gamebreaker series GameBreaker holds a candle to NCAA." Includes screen shots.
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  • Armchair Empire - Review, score: 7 out of 10. "This game is best ncaa games for those who want to play a blowout game and ncaa games not think about defense...ever. This is a good-looking game, and ncaa games is fun to play, but purists should look elsewhere. "
  • Gaming Age - Reviewed by Ernie Halal [Grade: D+]. "It plays ncaa games and ncaa gamebreaker series looks like a game that could have ncaa games been worth ncaa gamebreaker series your time a few years ago, ncaa games when most games ncaa gamebreaker series had mediocre graphics and at ncaa games least a few gameplay ncaa gamebreaker series flaws." Includes screen shots.
  • GamePro - Game profile, screen shots, and review [4/5].
  • Game Over - Reviewed by Jeff Haynes, score: 80%. "Some graphical flaws, musical ncaa games issues, and lightly overbalanced play cast a shadow on the ncaa games game. However, if you can overlook these issues, you\\'ll find ncaa games a good title to sustain you throughout this season." Incl
  • Cheat Code Central - Game Shark codes.
  • GameZone - Offers review [8.1/10], cheats, previews, and screen shots.
  • IGN - Screen shots, review [5.5/10], features, and news.
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by Joe Dodson [Grade: D+]. "While playing offense is ncaa games very easy, playing defense will have you mashing your cleats ncaa games into the turf out of frustration." Includes screen shots.

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