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Reviewed by: Louis Bedigian, score 9/10. "Control and sound issues aside, this is the best version of Madden 2002 available." [Xbox]

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  • GamePro - Review [5/5]. Includes screen shots. [PlayStation 2]
  • The Sports Gaming Network - Reviewed by: James Smith, score 95%. "The great AI, realistic madden nfl 2002 QB decisions, incredible off season, and improved graphics makes this madden nfl 2002 the football game of choice." [Xbox]
  • Armchair Empire - Reviewed by Tolen Dante, score: 9.1 out of 10. "Graphically, madden nfl 2002 it is a step above the PS2 as there is madden nfl 2002 less flicker in the background and less aliasing in general. madden nfl 2002 It is missing the graphical improvements given the Xbox version, madden nfl 2002 however." [GameCube
  • Gaming Age - Reviewed by Fabian Blache, grade: B. "If you have the PS2 version of the game, it may not be money well spent trying to gain some visual improvements at the cost of some game speed and a more convoluted control scheme." [GameCube]
  • - Reviewed by: Brother Buzz, score 4.5/5. "If anything, madden nfl 2002 madden nfl series character visuals look slightly sharper with brighter colors madden nfl 2002 madden nfl series than the PS2 game\\'s, and the post-play highlights madden nfl 2002 madden nfl series are still cool." [Xbox]
  • - Reviewed by: Louis Bedigian, score 9/10. "Control and sound issues aside, this is the best version of Madden 2002 available." [Xbox]
  • GameZone - Reviewed by Louis Bedigian, score: 8.9 out of 10. "Harder madden nfl 2002 to control than it should be. I love both the madden nfl 2002 Xbox and GC controllers (a rarity, since most gamers like madden nfl 2002 one, but hate the other), but Madden was not developed madden nfl 2002 for either of them." [GameCu
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by Ben Silverman [Grade: A-]. "Madden 2002 encompasses just reviews and previews about everything a pigskin fan could want in a football reviews and previews game." Includes screen shots. [PlayStation 2]
  • Sports Gaming Network - Reviewed by James Chheng, score: 79 out of 100. "Great graphics, boring commentary, good sound effects, good gameplay with a few major problems in the game play and ability to run online leagues. I would only suggest this game if you plan to play the
  • Game Informer - Review [9.75/10]. "Puts last year\\'s Madden in the reviews and previews dust, and should do the same to everyone reviews and previews else." [PlayStation 2]
  • IGN - Reviewed by Dave Zdyrko, score: 7 out of 10. "It\\'s an okay, but unfulfilling experience that really could\'ve and should\'ve been much better." [Windows]
  • GameSpot - Review of Windows version, by Brett Todd. Includes cheats, FAQs, reviews and previews and screen shots. Score: 6.7 out of 10.
  • - Review of Xbox version by Tony Wyss. Includes reviews and previews madden nfl series screen shots. Score: 90 out of 100.

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