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Reviewed by: Ryan Mac Donald, score 9.5/10. "A fantastic football game that you'll either love or hate, depending on your personal tastes." (Playstation 2)

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  • IGN - Reviewed by Anthony Chau. Features screen shots and nfl 2k series gameplay videos. Score: 9 out of 10. (Dreamcast)
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Todd Hargosh, score: 3 out of 5.
  • Armchair Empire - Reviewed by: Lee Cieniawa, score: 9.3/10. "Visual Concepts nfl 2k series nfl 2k2 continues to be the Super Bowl winner of nfl 2k series nfl 2k2 football videogames." (Dreamcast)
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  • Planet Dreamcast - Reviewed by Josh Hiscock, score: 9 out of 10. "If nfl 2k series you\\'re satisfied with updated rosters, win-loss records online, and some nfl 2k series tweaks to an already excellent AI, this is the game nfl 2k series for you. If you were expecting NFL2k2 to go out nfl 2k series with the mother of all bang
  • Gaming Age - Reviewed by Time Lewinson, grade: A. "Without a nfl 2k series doubt the finest football gaming experience on the nfl 2k series DC - and as a football game compares nfl 2k series favourably with EA\\'s Madden series. DC owners should nfl 2k series run, not walk, to check out NFL 2K2 nfl 2k series immediately." [Dream
  • - Reviewed by Josh Hiscock. Includes screen shots. "Bottom nfl 2k2 line, nfl 2k series this is essentially the same game we nfl 2k2 played last nfl 2k series year." Score: 90 out of 100. nfl 2k2 (Dreamcast)

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