SSX - Out of Bounds SSX Series Snowboarding Sports

SSX - Out of Bounds, for the Nokia N-Gage.

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  • IGN N-Gage - Review, by Levi Buchanan: "If you want a ssx - out ssx - out of bounds of bounds go-go snowboarding game, there really is no better ssx ssx - out of bounds - out of bounds option than SSX: Out of Bounds." [Score: ssx - out of bounds 7.5 ssx - out of bounds out of 10]
  • GameSpy N-Gage - Review, by Justin Leeper: "Sometimes the simplest approach is best. ssx - out of bounds SSX: Out of Bounds is neither simple nor the best." ssx - out of bounds [Score: 2 out of 5]
  • GameSpot - Review, by Ryan Davis: "If you\\'re willing to snowboarding suffer the ssx - out of bounds frame rate problems and the poor snowboarding draw distance, there\\'s enough ssx - out of bounds of the SSX spirit snowboarding in Out of Bounds to provide ssx - out of bounds some fun." snowboarding [Score: 6.9 out of 10]
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