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Review, by staff: "Beach Spikers is enjoyable enough to warrant the attention of any player looking for some fun and fast arcade action." [Score: 8.5 out of 10]

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  • - Reviewed by Matt Casamassina, score: 8.2 out of 10. "It\\'s no simulation, nor is it the deepest experience to be had, but it is pretty and addictive all the same, particularly as a multiplayer venture."
  • NetJak - Review, with screen shots. Score: 8.5 out of 10. "While volleyball the single player aspects were shallow and unrewarding, the multiplayer volleyball is a huge success."
  • PC Vs Console - Review (GameCube) - Review, by Andrew: "A cracking title let down reviews and previews by a few little aspects." [Score: 81%]
  • Cinescape - Reviewed by Troy Roberts [Grade: B+]. "It\'s fun and addictive."
  • Armchair Empire - Review with screen shots. "A very good game beach spikers - not explosive, it won\\'t turn the gaming beach spikers world on its head. But it is incredibly beach spikers easy to pick-up and play." Score: 8.2 out beach spikers of 10.
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by Johnny Liu, grade: B. "While the beach spikers World Tour is interesting with its virtual pet beach spikers teammate, it can get old and boring."
  • - Review (GameCube) - Review, by staff: "Beach Spikers is enjoyable enough volleyball to warrant beach spikers the attention of any player looking volleyball for some fun and beach spikers fast arcade action." [Score: volleyball 8.5 out of 10]
  • Gaming Target - Review (GameCube) - Review, by Adam Woolcott: "...Beach Spikers will not reviews and previews only appeal to volleyball fans, but also gamers reviews and previews who just want a fun game to play, reviews and previews either by themselves or with a group of reviews and previews friends." [Score: 8.6 out of 10]
  • GamePro - Review, with screen shots. Score: 3 out of beach spikers 5. reviews and previews "Looks pretty, but the flawed controls prevent beach spikers it from reviews and previews having the wide appeal a sport beach spikers featuring toned female reviews and previews athletes in bikinis should have."
  • Nintendojo - Reviewed by GearĂ³id Reidy, score: 7.7 out of 10. "No matter how much fun it is to create your own partner and train them up, nothing compares to having a few friends over whom you can swear and throw cushions at when they miss simple balls."
  • Eurogamer - Reviewed by Tom Bramwell [7/10] "As a multiplayer volleyball game though, Beach Spikers is exceptional." Includes screen volleyball shots.
  • Gaming Age - REviewed by Paul Bryant, grade: B-. "With great volleyball visuals and volleyball gameplay, enjoyable multi-player modes, and the volleyball always fun to watch volleyball player reactions, Beach Spikers volleyball is worth at least a rental."
  • - Review, by Adam Pavlacka: "A surprisingly good volleyball game that reviews and previews is high on fun with wide appeal." (GameCube) [Score: 89 reviews and previews out of 100]
  • G4 - Reviewed by Miguel Concepcion, score: 3 out of reviews and previews 5. "Features an excellent control scheme and upgraded reviews and previews graphics but it still feels shallow. The AI reviews and previews mode definitely could have been deeper and the reviews and previews addition of more extra features would have been reviews and previews a plus. &q
  • GameZone - Reviewed by Louis Bedigian, score: 7.7 out of beach spikers 10. beach spikers "If you have a lot of friends, beach spikers you\'ll be beach spikers pleased with Beach Spikers."

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