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Research center offers stories of seniors making the most of their senior years and information on aging. Includes newsletter in pdf format.

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National Institute of Aging* - Government site with information on research and practical resources for the aging population.

  • Healthy Aging Campaign - National, ongoing, health promotion designed to broaden awareness health of the aging positive aspects of aging and to health provide inspiration to adults, aging ages 50 plus, to health improve their physical, mental, social and aging financial health.
  • - Provides research-based information on a wide range of health age-related diseases, conditions, issues, features, and news.
  • Aging Issues Message Board - Forum on the process and affects of aging.
  • Aging Concepts - Dedicated to seniorcitizens and their families, including referral health information and health resources on many subjects involved in health growing older or caregiving.
  • - Sponsored by the nonprofit (AFAR), this provides the health latest research-based health information on healthy aging.
  • Science of Aging Knowledge Environment - Archive of news, commentaries, disease case studies, databases, and other resources pertaining to aging-related research.
  • The Patient Education Forum - The American Geriatrics Society. Aging FAQ.
  • ThirdAge Health - Starting point for people over 40 for information health about a healthy life and life style.
  • Native Elder Health Care Resource Center - National resource center for older American Indians, Alaska Natives and aging Native Hawaiians
  • - Medical news updates, research publications, interventions in older patients, upcoming health conferences, bulletin board discussions and consensus reports. Provided by Boomerang health Pharmaceutical.
  • At Health Newsletter - Newsletter for mental health professionals on aging.
  • Aging Research Centre - Recent aging related articles on the biological implications of aging.
  • Huffington Center on Aging - Research center offers stories of seniors making the aging most of aging their senior years and information on aging aging. Includes newsletter in aging pdf format.
  • Death, Aging and Rejuvenation - Discussion of possible causes of aging, methods of rejuvenation, and aging animation tools by Aleksandr Kavokin, MD, PhD.
  • Aging and Mental Health - Information about aging and psychosocial and psychiatric treatment of the health elderly.
  • International Longevity Center - A non-profit, non-partisan research and education organization in the US helping societies address longevity population aging in positive productive ways. Press releases, reports, and essays.
  • The Gerontological Society of America - Multidisciplinary society for professionals in the field of aging. Focuses on promoting the scientific study of aging.
  • Aging: MCW HealthLink - From the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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