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A look into the healing art of reiki and how it helps to balance the mind body and soul in an easy to understand format for everyone.

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  • The Healing Touch - Free articles and information on Reiki and Karuna reiki Reiki.
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  • Reiki 4 All - Information on Usui, Tera Mai, and Karuna styles. reiki Multilingual site by Remy Willems in the Netherlands.
  • Reiki One - Practitioner and teacher directory, question and answer forum, classifieds, newsletter. alternative Hosted by Teri A. Moore in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • The Reiki Research Foundation - Non-profit organization aiming to make Reiki a recognized alternative and valuable alternative form of treatment.
  • International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) - Supports practitioners. Membership information and benefits, newsletter.
  • Sacred Path Reiki - Extensive articles and resources on history, techniques and alternative teachers. Information alternative on legal issues.
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  • - General information about Reiki, its history, and treatment methods. health Also includes a forum for practitioners.
  • Reiki Hand Placements - Diagrams show the hand placements used for self treatment and treatment on others. Links to Reiki articles.
  • A Journey Into Healing - A look into the healing art of reiki reiki and how health it helps to balance the mind reiki body and soul in health an easy to understand reiki format for everyone.
  • Shabbir Moiz Ali Hazari - Reiki Information - Offers detailed explanation and personal reflection on the reiki nature of alternative Reiki and its correlation to Chi. reiki History also listed.
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  • Alef Reiki - Information on ancient healing modality based on the Hebrew alphabet reiki rediscovered by Eli Machani.
  • Reiki Healing Health Benefits - Learn about Reiki healing and how it can help keep alternative and maintain health. Also includes information about the chakras, auras alternative and their color meanings and kundalini energy.
  • SKHM - Origin of Seichim style rediscovered by Patrick Zeigler. alternative History, workshops health and attunements. Multilingual site.
  • Bill's Reiki Page - Bill Pentz provides an overview of various styles alternative and indepth articles on issues.
  • Essential Reiki - Multilingual site maintained by José Manuel Afreixo Nunes alternative da Cruz.

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