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Facts about opal include chemical make-up, buying advice, cutting and polishing basics, and opal care. Includes photos of different types of opals.

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  • Jewelry Buying Advice - Provides information to help consumers evaluate and purchase jewelry and gemstones gemstones, jewelry, watches and related accessories. From
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  • Gem Gallery - The - Photos of gemstones, each accompanied by a description home of the jewelry and gemstones gem\\'s properties and where it is home commonly found. Includes instructions jewelry and gemstones for close-up gem photography.
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  • Diamond Review - Diamond buying guide includes a price database, diamonds tutorial, and jewelry and gemstones diamond FAQ.
  • Enchanted Learning - An illustrated glossary, including terms that describe fine and costume jewelry and gemstones jewelry, gemstones, and jewelry making.
  • The Jewelry Box Newsletter - Features tips on buying diamonds and jewelry, gemstone jewelry and gemstones facts and cleaning silver.
  • Safe Jewelry - Offers articles discussing jewelry terminology, pricing, quality measures, jewelry and gemstones consumer information and more.
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  • PriceScope - Includes numerous diamond tutorials and buying tips, a discussion forum, jewelry and gemstones and a cut advisor.
  • JewelInfo4U - Informational site with articles by volunteer editors from consumer information the jewelry and gemstones jewelry industry. Includes articles on gemstones, consumer information buying guides, jewelry and gemstones help for men, and common questions.
  • How Stuff Works: Moissanite Jewels - Five-part, illustrated guide that discusses the origin of home natural Moissanite home and explains how it is being home created in the lab home today.
  • American Gem Trade Association - The natural colored gemstone and cultured pearl source consumer information of home information and ideas.
  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA) - A nonprofit organization that offers gemstone identification and buying advice consumer information to consumers and training to those in the jewelry trade. consumer information The GIA provides lab services to the jewelry industry.
  • Conflict Diamonds - Information to help buyers avoid purchasing black market "conflict" diamonds.

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