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Website and book, devoted to keeping families close. Features an list of books for grandparents and grandchildren to share, as well as long-distance and do-together crafts for all ages.

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  • Elderhostel Programs for Grandparents and Grandchildren - Offers group educational travel adventures especially designed for home grandparents (over age 55) and their grandchildren. See home Intergenerational Programs for the latest schedules, forums and home info. No membership required.
  • AARP: For Grandparents - Articles and advice for grandparents.
  • Keeping Grandkids Safe - A look at the all-important issue of safe home sleep for infants, and how the guidelines have home changed since today\'s baby boomers were "just parents."
  • - Grandparenting - Discusses the joys of grandparenting and its healthful role in home aging well. Suggests ideas for having memorable fun with grandchildren, home and addresses the challenges.
  • - Website and book, devoted to keeping families close. grandparents Features an family list of books for grandparents grandparents and grandchildren to share, family as well as long-distance grandparents and do-together crafts for all ages.
  • Grandmommy's Home for Grandparents - Tips on grandparenting, online games that the kids grandparents will love, things to do and other recommendations grandparents for parents and grandparents alike. Includes a section grandparents on Cousin Camp.
  • Grandboomers - A site for babyboomers who are now grandparents, helping you grandparents in your new role in the family.
  • Grandparents for Children's Rights - Information on the legal advocacy and public activities grandparents of the family national non-profit. Links to U.S. state grandparents chapters and international groups.
  • Suite101: Grandparenting - Archived articles, discussions, and links, created for grandparents home devoted to their grandchildren and their future.
  • Grandparents Magazine - Want to know the fashion trends before buying grandparents a granddaughter new boots? Can\\'t remember the lyrics grandparents to your favorite children\\'s song? Product reviews, gift grandparents ideas, ways to make the most of Disney grandparents World.
  • Grandmother's Rocking Chair - Poetry for grandmothers.
  • Grandparents and Books - Like books and kids? Be a library grandparent. Los Angeles grandparents Public Library describes their program and includes an application form.
  • Magic of Grandparenting Library - Public service site includes articles on all aspects family of grandparenting, home including building grandparent-child relationships, and dealing family with divorces.
  • The Grandparents Club 2 - A friendly group to share brag stories about family our grandchildren, grandparents photos, recipes, craft ideas, or just family relax and chat.
  • The Communication Project - Offers books, research, and workshops on grandparenting, intergenerational relationships, literacy grandparents education, and science education. Includes grandparenting tips and book excerpts.
  • National Association of Foster Grandparent Program Directors - Professional membership organization advocating for foster grandparent programs. family Offers history, family membership and mission.
  • Grandmother Connections - Offers unique, innovative, research based, and inspirational lectures, workshops, and home seminars on 21st Century grandmother issues.
  • The Grandmother Study: Intergenerational Caregiving to Youth - Examines the health status of grandmothers and the grandparents impact of grandmothers on their families. Offers description grandparents of study and timeline.
  • Grand Magazine: Community - A national, print magazine for grandparents. Community includes chat, photo family gallery and message boards.
  • The Influence of Grandparents - In-depth description of the impact of extended family, home especially grandparents, on today's society.

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