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Devoted to the hobbies of refunding and couponing. Includes newbie tips, glossary and manufacturer directory with 1-800 numbers for most major brands.

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  • The Straight Dope: Why are rebate checks drawn on obscure banks in the middle of nowhere? - Answer: It\\'s part of a scheme to delay paying rebates frugality for as long as legally possible.
  • Rebate Roulette - User-submitted rebate reviews and ratings.
  • The Rebate Debate: Why Were They Late? - FTC settles charges against CompUSA for deceptive and homemaking unfair product refunds or rebates rebate practices.
  • Confessions of a Mail-In Rebate Junkie - Information and advice on retaining and submitting mail-in homemaking rebates from homemaking manufacturers.
  • Refunding Online - Devoted to the hobbies of refunding and couponing. frugality Includes newbie homemaking tips, glossary and manufacturer directory with frugality 1-800 numbers for most homemaking major brands.
  • Rebate Report Card - Rebate rankings submitted by consumers. Rebates are ranked from A to F, depending on length of time to get the money, complexity of instructions, quality of customer service and related details.
  • CostCritter - Features rebates, coupons, promotions and a cash back homemaking program for frugality online stores. Registration required; free homemaking membership.

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