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Dragon Ball follows the adventures of the character Goku, based on the Chinese myth about the monkey king.

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  • Krillin's Domain - Images, movie clips, profiles, humor, and animations. Includes introduction to DBGT with gallery.
  • Super Saiyans Lair - Downloads, card game information, power levels, character profiles, animation episode list, anime and gallery.
  • Dragonball - Official site for the original series. Includes episode listings, animation as well as information on sagas and characters.
  • Silvercheater - Description of the stories and characters in each series, with anime humor, quizzes and animated gifs.
  • E-Dragonball Resource Center - Gallery, music videos, character profiles, story summary, and anime short introductions to the various series.
  • Pojo's Dragonball Web - Offers movie and episode information, character profiles, card game information anime and multimedia.
  • Dragon Ball World - Details of characters, sagas and backgrounds, with animated gifs, music and wallpapers.
  • Psycho's DBZ Lair - DB/Z/GT fan page with characters, information about dragon animation balls, episode list, movie summaries, galleries, and music.
  • Dragonball Ascension - Provides information on Dragonball and Dragonball Z. Summaries, animation characters, techniques, power level scouter, gallery, and name animation translations.

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