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Explains how to write poems, offers contests for young writers, features interviews with poets, and includes an assortment of poems for kids to read and rate.

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  • Fugues of the Well-Tempered Clavier - Interactive Director movie that relates a Bach fugue poetry to the english meaning of fugue in Milton\'s "Paradise poetry Lost" and Dante's "Inferno."
  • Teen Ink: Poetry - Large collection of poems by teens from the english archives of this online and print magazine.
  • Poets' Corner - Features a collection of works gathered from many different sources. Contains indexes of authors, titles and subjects, biographies, illustrations, and FAQs.
  • Poetry and Fun Kid Style - Poetry for and by kids including animations.
  • A Compendium of Poetry - Features a resource with information about authors and english their poetry with a random selection.
  • Erin's Children's Poetry Page - Find children's poems, ballads, and nursery rhymes.
  • Dreampad - Features excerpts from the Children\\'s Inspirational Poetry: Anthology english of Poetry and Art.
  • Ocean Mirages - Offers poems on love and other topics.
  • Giggle Poetry - Explains how to write poems, offers contests for literature young writers, features interviews with poets, and includes literature an assortment of poems for kids to read literature and rate.
  • A Dictionary of Haiku - Contains a list of haiku poems.
  • Fantastic Rhymes and Poems - A collection of original poems with art drawings english that match.
  • Imaginesongs - A collection of original poems, songs, skits and literature animations by literature children's author and playwright Joe Thompson.
  • Writebuzz Schools - A fully moderated site, featuring poetry and short stories; with new writing competitions on a regular basis.
  • Funny Rhymes - Weblog with a collection of original nursery rhymes.
  • Barking Spiders - Collection of poetry and short stories by C.J. poetry Heck. Also contains mazes and tongue twisters.
  • Precious Moments - Contains love stories and poems.
  • FizzyFunnyFuzzy.com - Humorous, entertaining and fun poetry for children.
  • River of Life - Includes poetry, art, memories, stories and visiting artists on the river theme.
  • The Academy of American Poets - Searchable index of poems and poet biographies. Also poetry includes audio poetry files of works read by the poetry author.
  • Haicooo - Haiku poems for children, with watercolor cartoons of english friendly animals.
  • The Poetry Zone - Contains poems by well-known children\\'s poets and a educational material for teachers.
  • Beauty is in the Eye - Offers personal poems and songs.
  • Critical Reading - A Guide - A description of the methods of critical reading/poetry analysis with literature examples of what to look for in the language.
  • Children's Poetry Archive - Collection of poems written by and for children. It also english has competitions for young poets ready for a challenge.
  • Sunsetartemis - Contains a small collection of poems.
  • How to tell the Birds from the Flowers - All poems and pictures from this humorous book english published in english 1907, written and illustrated by Robert english Williams Wood.
  • Josie's Poems - Contains poems for the young and not so young, all english with a good rhythm and rhyme.
  • CottonCandy.org - Shares stories and poems for children of all ages with poetry colorful illustrations.
  • ShelSilverstein.com - Features animations, information about the author, activities for english young readers, literature e-cards, and resources for teachers and english parents.
  • KidzPage - Offers a collection of poems, for and by poetry kids and teens. Includes Ogden Nash, limericks, critter poetry ABCs, school pages, and a list of topics.
  • Poetry 180 - A poem a day provided by the Library of Congress, poetry one for each of the 180 days of a typical poetry American high school year.
  • Funny Poems For Kids - Includes funny poems, riddles, jokes, and tongue twisters.
  • Morning Earth - Contains many poems written by kids about the english Earth.
  • Quick and Dirty Guide to Reading Poetry - An English professor offers students some down-to-earth how-to literature advice on english tackling poetry.
  • Crying Soul Poetry - Contains poetry written by a teen.
  • Kristine O'Connell George - Features author information, ideas for students, audio clips, and poetry quotes.
  • ECHOES: Great Poets Inspiring Young Writers - An encyclopedia of poets created by 8th grade poetry students at poetry Cary Academy, Cary, North Carolina, USA.
  • River of Words - Poetry and art by children from around the world about poetry the natural world. Free annual contest in affiliation with Library poetry of Congress.
  • BBC Education - Listen and Write - Lets kids listen to examples of different styles literature of poetry literature and provides tips on using similes literature and the thesaurus. Has literature writing activities, audio poems, literature and a gallery of children's work.
  • The Poet's Guild - Contains poetry written by kids and teens.
  • My Poems - Contains the collection of poems written By Mohammed literature Thanish J.
  • Poetry for Kids - Features poetry for kids about animals, weather, and literature aliens.
  • It Frisselgrien - An international site from Dutch origin about poetry for everybody, literature with an English option. Accepts submissions.
  • Chris Ogden - Features published poems and stories.
  • Mama Lisa's World - An archive of nursery rhymes and children\\'s songs english from all english over the world.
  • Children's Haiku Garden - A collection of Haikus and illustrations from around english the world.

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