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An important part of every teenager's life is the experience of learning how to drive. In this category you will find helpful sites related to teen drivers and new drivers alike.

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  • Cellular Phone Safety Implications - The dangers of driving while talking on a cellular phone are investigated in this government research. Also includes crash data relating to cell phone use while driving.
  • Young Drivers - Case studies and driver training courses for teens kids and teens kids and teens and adults. Site relevant to Canadian, Finnish and kids and teens kids and teens British users.
  • Connecticut DMV Teens Page - Includes information about road safety, drinking and driving, driver\'s education teen kids and teens FAQs, and other links of interest.
  • Online Study Guide for Student Drivers - Offers practice test questions and safety tips.
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving - An organization devoted to preventing drunk driving and its social kids and teens causes.
  • Center for Auto Safety - Organization that informs consumers about auto safety issues.
  • Driving Rules Network - Driving rules and study guide with practice tests, teen life animation, safety tips. For learners permits to teen life CDL students and parents of teens.
  • Safety For All - Renault - Features an online program to find out about teen life road teen life safety awareness-raising events and targeted audiences available teen life with video teen life sequences.
  • Quia - Driver Education Games - Play online games about driving habits and rules driver\'s education specific teen life to 35 different states.
  • - Motor Vehicle Forms - Access state specific DMV forms nationwide, get your driving record and find department of motor vehicles branch locations without waiting in line.
  • Traffic and Highway Signs - Includes a useful manual of traffic signs.

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