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News and commentary, photos, video and audio clips. Depending on the topic, timelines, maps and other resources, reader reactions and online polls may be included. USA.

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  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Special Reports - In-depth reports and short series about local, Northwest, national and international topics. USA.
  • The Washington Post: Special Reports - News and commentary, plus background, graphics, photos and news related links. USA.
  • Rediff.com - The Complete Coverages - Collections of news articles, commentary and slide shows about topics extended coverage in foreign affairs, terrorism, Indian politics, religion and sports. India.
  • Time: Special Features - Collections of stories, photo essays, eyewitness accounts, maps and timelines. extended coverage USA.
  • CNN.com - In-Depth Specials - News and commentary, photos, video and audio clips. extended coverage Depending on the topic, timelines, maps and other extended coverage resources, reader reactions and online polls may be extended coverage included. USA.
  • BBC News World Edition - In Depth - Collection of news and commentary, photographs, video and audio clips on various topics of global and national interest. External links, forum and talking point. UK.
  • MSNBC: Special Reports - Collections of news and commentary, including photos, interactives, audio and video clips, related links and bulletin boards. USA.
  • Salon.com: Hot Topics - Ongoing collections of articles. USA.
  • Chicago Tribune: Special Reports - Reports on Tribune investigations, special series and in-depth news studies of news Chicago, national and world topics. USA.
  • CBC: News Indepth - Collections of news and commentary, background information, photo extended coverage galleries, audio and video clips, interactives and related extended coverage links. Message boards. Canada.
  • PBS NewsHour: Special Reports - Index of recent projects, domestic coverage and international coverage. USA.
  • BuzzFlash: Perspectives - Collections of articles about various national and international extended coverage issues. news USA.
  • The Globalist - News, articles and fact sheets about globalization and trade. Daily e-zine that tends to be pro-globalizaiton. Content licensing and syndication services available.
  • Economist.com - Articles by Subject - Collections of news stories and analysis, grouped by topic, city or country. Some articles are subscription-only.
  • FutureEvents.su - Lists future festivals, championships, science, sports and events. extended coverage Aims extended coverage to help define the view on the extended coverage future.
  • Mercury News: Special Reports - In-depth reports focused on Silicon Valley and dot-com extended coverage subjects.
  • CNNfn: Special Reports - Full coverage of business issues, including related links extended coverage and resources. From the CNN Financial Network. USA.
  • Guardian - Politics A-Z - Lists ongoing and in-depth coverage focusing on British, news European and news international politics.
  • USA Today: Special Reports - In-depth reports on some light and serious national news and international news subjects.
  • Christian Science Monitor: Special Projects - Multi-part coverage of important national and international issues. USA.
  • The Oregonian: Special Reports - Series and special reports including the Pulitzer Prize series. USA.
  • The Age: Issues in the News - Archive of stories, including background and features. Australia.
  • Guardian Unlimited: Special Reports - Ongoing coverage by subject, including news, commentary, audio and video reports, press reviews, maps, time lines and interactive graphics.
  • Yahoo! News Full Coverage - Collections of news stories, opinion and editorials, magazine extended coverage articles, audio and video. Also links to related extended coverage web sites, news sources, full coverage topics and extended coverage Yahoo! categories. USA.
  • The News: Special Issues - Collections of articles and photos. Pakistan.
  • SundayTimes.co.za: Special Reports - Background information, in-depth reports and analysis on national, African and extended coverage world events, issues and people. South Africa.
  • Scotsman: Hot Topics A to Z - News and commentary archives organized by subject. UK.
  • Pocono Record: Special Reports - Special editions and multi-part series about regional and national topics. news Pennsylvania, USA.
  • allAfrica.com: Special Reports - Expanded coverage on various news issues, plus investigative extended coverage surveys and reports including media coverage of Africa. extended coverage Africa.
  • The Hindu - In Focus - Full news archives for major topics in Indian extended coverage news and politics, international affairs, legal, education, sports extended coverage and entertainment.
  • FindLaw: Special Coverage - Ongoing collection of legal news and commentary about various business, extended coverage political and social issue topics in the news.
  • Boston Globe: Special Sections - Stories including photos from multi-part series which ran extended coverage in the newspaper. USA.
  • Future Events - Lists future festivals, championships, science, sports and events. Aims to news help define the view on the future.
  • RFE/RL Analytical Reports - Ongoing reports about various areas in the world and their political situations, including weekly archives. From Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.
  • The Center for Public Integrity - Ongoing investigative research and reports on public policy issues in the US and the world. Searchable databases include the Media Tracker which shows who owns the media in any zip code area.
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