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Collection of cigarette packs from worldwide (both full and empty) with a lot of beautiful pictures, a guest book and a link page to other collectors sites.

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See Also:
  • CC International Ltd. - An international organization for collectors of Campbell\\'s Soup and other collecting Campbell items. With image archive, convention information, message board.
  • Cigarette Packs Collection - Collection of cigarette packs from worldwide (both full and empty) food and drink related with a lot of beautiful pictures, a guest book and food and drink related a link page to other collectors sites.
  • Super Hero Food - An online museum featuring a collection of comic book and super hero related food products.
  • Lolly Sticks - A Danish collector exhibits his collection of lolly collecting sticks. Guinness collecting Book record holder(2002).
  • SoBeStuFF! - For collectors and traders of SoBe beverage caps. A list of SoBe caps, flavors, and related links.
  • The Imaginary World/ Tick Tock Archives - A collection of a variety of food and collecting drink packages food and drink related and toy premiums from the 1950s collecting through the 1970s.
  • Speas Vinegar Collectors - Information about the company, with photographs of numerous items the company produced.
  • Ann & Andy Illy Collection - A gallery of Illy Collection espresso and cappuccino collecting cups, with food and drink related photographs, guestbook, discussion forum, and selected collecting cups for sale.
  • Illy & Amici Collection site - Information about espresso cups, with photographs, a trade/want recreation list, and links page.
  • The Stove Collector - For users and collectors of camping stoves of all kinds, from antique kerosene burners to modern multifuel models. Features a database of over 130 different brands, with some photographs.
  • Collecting Tin and Graniteware Measures - Some photographs and history about the manufacturers of collecting tin and graniteware measures used in general stores collecting in Canada from the late 1800s until the collecting mid 1900s.
  • Online Museum of Shopping Lists - A growing collection of discarded shopping lists (found in supermarket trolleys). All manner of handwriting, spelling, and notepaper. A glimpse into the personal wants and needs of total strangers.
  • Asian Coca-Cola Cans - Asian soda cans, beer cans, bottle caps, and recreation other miniature bottles, with images and links.
  • - The definitive guide for Pillsbury doughboy collectibles. Contains recreation links, photos, and an interactive message forum.
  • Doughboy and Sprout Collector Page - Information about collecting doughboy and sprout advertising items.
  • Flickr: Vintage Aprons - A group for posting photos of vintage aprons food and drink collecting related from personal collections.
  • Museum of Vintage Restaurant Coffee Cups - A virtual museum of restaurant coffee cups from food and drink related the mid-20th Century.
  • Sardine King - Collector page featuring vintage California sardine can labels food and drink recreation related with many photos. Includes gallery, history, and contact food and recreation drink related information.
  • Chewing Gum Wrappers - Valery Nosal, a Russian collector, displays a large food and drink related collection of chewing-gum wrappers from around the world, food and drink related with links to related sites. English and food and drink related Russian translations.

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