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The Guild of Tea Shops, pairing teas with food, glossary, and an list of resources for merchants, organizations, and individuals.

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See Also:
  • Tea and Coffee Trade Journal - Provides information on tea and coffee including articles and a tea buyer's guide.
  • Cat-Tea Corner - Cooking with tea, themed clip art, discussion list, drink web ring, and a guide to shops.
  • The Tea Council of the USA - Assisting the tea industry with wholesale and retail tea needs.
  • Tea Association of Canada - A not-for-profit association of leading companies and tea producing countries food including Sri Lanka, Kenya, India, and Bangladesh.
  • Tea with George and his Aardvarks - George once again dons an Aardvark suit and tea deeply converses tea about tea philosophy
  • TEA Discussion Board - A public forum for talking about tea.
  • White Tea Guide - A small guide including history, varieties and health benefits.
  • IcedTeaHound - History and information regarding iced tea.
  • My Darjeeling Cuppa - A personal site about Darjeeling tea, travel, experiences and the tea love for tea.
  • Purely Tea - A weblog exploring tea in all its incarnations.
  • Tea: A Story of Serendipity - Tea is second only to water in worldwide food consumption, and drink Americans drink their fair share. From food the U.S.F.D.A.
  • Tea Time Traditions - A series of articles on etiquette, traditions, recipes for food food to serve, and themed parties.
  • The Tea House Times - The Tea House Times is bi-monthly publication for food tea rooms.
  • Chinese Teas 101 - Hobbyist information on how to brew a cup tea of Chinese food tea. Information on customs and classes.
  • The UK Tea Council - The UK tea council. Independent body dedicated to promoting tea tea and its unique story for the benefit of those who tea produce, sell and enjoy tea the world over.
  • Green Tea - Articles on the benefit of green tea.
  • Photos from Darjeeling - May 2000 - A collection of photographs of tea gardens, plucking food and processing, tea and tasting.
  • Tea Infusion - General information including history and culture, properties and tea health benefits.
  • Mashtea Gholee CyberTeaHouse - A Persian view on tea, including ceremonies and tea the benefits.
  • Tea Muse - Monthly newsletter celebrating the history, enjoyment, and variety tea of tea in words, pictures and brief videos.
  • Ethical Tea Partnership - Non-profit organization of tea companies aims to understand food how tea drink is sourced, as well as to food validate conditions on estates drink and factories by credible, food independent monitoring.
  • OolongOz - Dedicated to the art of high mountain Taiwanese food Oolong tea.
  • Let's Learn About Green Tea - In-depth and well-illustrated information about growing and processing.
  • Grading Tea - Everything2 node describing the principles of tea grades, tea with examples food and origins.
  • Tea FAQ - Frequently asked questions about tea from a Usenet drink newsgroup.
  • Tea Forum - Public discussion forum about tea in art and culture in drink general and in Chinese literature in particular. There is a drink small collection of poems and prose.
  • World Green Tea Association - Information includes business news, Japanese tea culture, and encyclopedia.
  • So You Wanna Serve High Tea? - A clever tutorial on the proper way to drink serve High tea Tea.
  • Chai! - Chai stories and recipes.
  • Tea Guy Speaks - Tea news and reviews in a weblog format.
  • African Tea - Information about teas, rooibos, and honeybush in African countries. Drinking food and cooking suggestions.
  • The Tea Home Page - The Guild of Tea Shops, pairing teas with tea food, glossary, and an list of resources tea for merchants, organizations, and individuals.

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