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A bit more of an intellectual approach and squeaky clean, the kind of material you could tell to your mother or grandchildren.

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See Also:
  • The Daily Dose - Clean humor mailing list, sent out daily.
  • 2Funny - Two jokes every week by email.
  • Coop's Daily Joke Fix - Free 5 gut wrenching adult jokes, and two toons in recreation your e-mail everyday.
  • Oh Duh - Jokes and Puzzles - Join the free jokes newsletter. Solve online puzzles.
  • Pictures Pictures - Funny and amusing pictures delivered every day.
  • Fun World - Offering two jokes daily via email and a categorized jokes archive.
  • Funny Jokes - General jokes delivered once every day through a humor Yahoo group.
  • The Email Joke Archive - A collection of all those great jokes on the web, mailing lists includes a search engine, and a daily joke mailing list.
  • Mailing List - Jokes and humorscopes sent out every Saturday.
  • - Intelligent, often original, and relatively clean humor, sent recreation daily.
  • The Fun List - Weekly emailed jokes and funny pictures.
  • Sharons Adult Jokes and Toons - Updated several times a week.
  • The Funny Bone - A collection of jokes, gags, anecdotes, and funny mailing lists stories mailing lists illustrated with the original ASCII artwork of mailing lists Joan Stark mailing lists are distributed periodically via e-mail free mailing lists of charge.
  • Jester: The On-Line Joke Recommender - Uses statistical techniques to recommend jokes based on your ratings of a set of sample jokes.
  • - Jokes, funnystuff, and humor.
  • Poet's Day - Poet\\'s Day is about getting out of the mailing lists office mailing lists and doing something else. Events on mailing lists the last mailing lists Friday of every month, jokes, links mailing lists and more on mailing lists the web site.
  • MisterJoke - Daily jokes. May contain crude language.
  • Steve's Joke Lists - Three daily joke lists, covering "PG13" and "R" mailing lists rated humor humor plus a limerick list.
  • Weirdlist - Dark, surreal humor featuring a broad set of recreation topics from recreation relationships to global conspiracies.
  • Really True Stories - Mailing list featuring funny, amazing or strange true recreation stories from mailing lists around the world.
  • TrashLaughs - Receive daily doses of nasty and shameful jokes recreation by email. humor Enjoy the humorous antics of recreation CatScratch and DogByte.
  • MissSpidey - Jokes and humor mailing list. Yahoo! Groups.
  • Joke Mail - Yahoo! Groups mailing list featuring monthly clean jokes.
  • Hella Funny - Free daily joke list. Not always clean, humor decent, or politically correct.
  • Joke A Whenever - Jokes, inspirational thoughts and riddles. Site includes an recreation archive of humor material.
  • Eatmail - Weekly clips, delivered by e-mail or downloadable from mailing lists web site.
  • Daily Real Funny Jokes Mailing List - Every day you\\'ll find only the funniest of humor net humour humor in your inbox, carefully considered by humor our moderators made up humor of fellow list members.
  • Joke of the Day - A bit more of an intellectual approach and squeaky clean, the kind of material you could tell to your mother or grandchildren.
  • - Daily funny pictures delivered by email.
  • Monday Morning Mirth - A free weekly, mirthful e-mail delivered to you.
  • - Cool and Funny Sites - A monthly newsletter featuring cool, funny and weird mailing lists sites of the month.

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