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A funny site with semi-in-depth rock album reviews, a humor page, magic page, and pages that make fun of stuff.

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  • Off the Wall Band Names - Proving that a vivid imagination and everyday conversations musical are the musical key to producing an list musical of possible band names.
  • Great Name for a Band - Generates random band names along with word definitions musical and search musical engine links.
  • MIDI or Virtuoso? - Determine whether a sound clip is played by human or humor machine. Requires RealAudio.
  • Song Crossfire - Song interpretations by people who think way outside the box.
  • Baseball Songs - Humorous songs about baseball teams and famous players. humor Streaming audio available.
  • Mrs. Miller's World Fan Club - The story behind the voice. Elva Miller as you have recreation never seen her before. Complete with quicktime videos.
  • Bin Laden Rap - Listen to Bin Laden do a little freestyle.
  • The Four Squeezins - Features manualists Bruce Gaston and Jim Rotondo squeezing musical music out of thin air with their hands musical and the part-time help of a Bicycle Tire musical Pump.
  • Canonical List of Weird Band Names - Alphabetic list of humorous band names and links musical to some recreation of them.
  • Zong of the Week - Satirical and humorous songs available to download.
  • Donna Kay Honey - Irreverent blue collar musical comedy for trailer trash lovers, weenie recreation dog owners, and trailer trash fans. Features profiles of band recreation members, calendar and contact details.
  • Digital Fever - Pop related humor including pics, stories, links and humor mocking. Featuring humor 'N Sync, BSB and Britney
  • Rock And Roll Confidential - Skewering band promotional photographs.
  • Cheesy Mike's Cheesy Music - A collection of strange of bizarre music titles, recreation many with humor a dairy theme.
  • Ode To Band - Band humor, including musical instrument jokes, 200+ ways you know you\'re a band nerd, a band bible, and links.
  • Music Matters - Humorous look at musicians in the news.
  • God of Guitar - Spoof advice from two self-styled hard rock guitarists.
  • IT Anthems - Catalog of corporate anthems, including commentary and reviews musical of the merit.
  • Random Thoughts on the Manic Street Preachers - Satirical humour about the Manic Street Preachers and the obsessive fan culture surrounding them.
  • Drunken Hero - Explores the not-so-fascinating world of the everyday musician.
  • The Holy Queeble - The word according to Queen.
  • Philharmonic Phunnies - Cartoons and other funny stuff about the world musical of classical humor music.
  • Nod The Dog Productions - A humorous take at self-published musicians who record songs in their own homes.
  • Mad Moooo Music - A humorous look a one hit wonders, annoying hits, comedy humor songs and records that probably should never have been made, humor plus music trivia.
  • Loony Music - Parodies and humorous songs, plus general comedy and humor cartoons.
  • Domestic Engineering - Promotion of a facetious CD, complete with reviews and an interview with the artist.
  • Museum of Bad Album Covers. - A categorised collection of some of the worst recreation album covers ever released. Visitors can vote for recreation the most awful.
  • Yodel! - The world's interactive, animated singing page.
  • Tay-G's Rock Appreciation page with jokes on the side - A funny site with semi-in-depth rock album reviews, a humor page, magic page, and pages that make fun of stuff.
  • Pop Culture Madness - A look at some of the humorous areas humor of pop musical culture, including a large section featuring humor the best and worst musical records from various years.
  • Grandfolkies - Silly songs, "yucky" songs, children\\'s stories, nuclear waste books, curmudgeon recreation corner and do-it-yourself roadmap for change.
  • The Truck Driver's Gear Change Hall Of Shame - Musically documenting the world's most unnecessary key changes.
  • Families Passover Parody - A Jewish passover is parodied to the tune of Hotel California. Includes a sing-along tune.
  • The Audio BS Page - Loads of information about the crazy things believed recreation and written humor by audiophiles.
  • Redwood Songs - Environmentally correct spoofs of popular songs.

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