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Random AOL Instant Messenger users get pranked by the creator of this site. Read the conversations and have a good laugh.

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  • Mooning of Amtrak Trains - Information on the annual Mooning of Amtrak Trains pranks in Southern pranks California.
  • Purity Trick - Send a purity test to a friend, and discover their pranks answers.
  • iGotLooks-Warped Pictures - Upload pictures of your friends and warp them pranks into different shapes. Then, email them to people pranks you know.
  • Phonebashing - Movies of pranks involving destruction of mobile phones recreation of randomly selected people. Requires Quicktime.
  • Bluebottle Plus - Visitors can send prank emails to their friends recreation with details of fake airline bookings, online shopping recreation or pest control visitations.
  • Original Pranksters Hangout - Site features original movie clips of pranks, a recreation collection of recreation funny videos, pictures and links to recreation humor sites.
  • NervousRat - Features prank calls, funny original videos, nasty humor recreation for download recreation and to be sent as greeting recreation cards.
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  • Funny Practical Jokes - Gags to amuse or torment friends, family and coworkers.
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  • Wally's Wide World of Pranks - A large collection of pranks for school, office, home, dorm humor or everyday life. Pranks are tested for usability. Samples and humor directions are included.
  • AIM Conversations - Random AOL Instant Messenger conversations.
  • Prankified - Visitors can share and discuss pranks, arrange into recreation categories and rated for effectiveness.
  • The Farts - Offers stories, techniques, and sound files. Includes a recreation message board. pranks [English, Japanese]
  • The Phreaky 4's IM Abuse Page - Random AOL Instant Messenger users get pranked by the creator pranks of this site. Read the conversations and have a good pranks laugh.
  • One Hundred Things to Do in an Elevator - Numerous suggestions of pranks to pull in an elevator with pranks other people.
  • Sign Stealers - Videos of a group of people who enjoy humor liberating street signs from their surroundings, plus a humor gallery of funny and disturbing signs.
  • Aladdin's Magic Genie Lamp - The "Blue Screen of Death" prank, disguised as recreation an animation pranks of a magic lamp.
  • Rossford's Pranksters - Pranks executed by teens in the town of Rossford.
  • - Play pranks on friends and coworkers with fake news reports.
  • Bartender Magic - Magic tricks and jokes to play on other recreation people.
  • The Center 2000 - Online pranks and funny pictures. Also includes a recreation webring.
  • PrankBot - Choose a prank, enter details about your friends, and PrankBot will play a practical joke on them.
  • Prank Mail - Send a prank email to your friends, from the email pranks address of your choice.
  • S.E.P Anonymous Email - Contains the option to send fake emails, hoaxes, humor anonymous emails, pranks and receive replies to it.
  • Spooked - An innocent looking video that makes the viewer jump right at the very end.

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