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A Princeton physicist recently split an atom of hydrogen and found a toy prize inside, the journal Science reported in its June issue. [Contains fictitious information.]

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Physics and Science Fun* - Fun with physics, science jokes, cartoons, anecdotes, and stories.
Doug Craigen's Huge Physics Humor Collection* - May be the most linked-to physics humor site on the web because of its very large link collection.

  • First Atomic Clock Wristwatch - A HP 5071A Cesium Beam Primary Frequency Reference can in humor fact be used as a wrist watch. You have a humor choice of stainless steel or adjustable nylon band.
  • Politically Correct Physics - Revised physics course descriptions.
  • Evil Squirrels and Physicists - Squirrels are known to hate mankind. First they got the midgets, now they eat the physicists.
  • The Super G-String - A parody of modern string theories written in the form humor of a research paper.
  • Theological Thermodynamics - This document reproduces two classics of science parody/humor. The physics first applies the physics of thermodynamics to conclude that Heaven physics is hotter than Hell. The second is a response which physics combines Biblical evidence with thermodynamics to argue that, while
  • Super G-String Field Theory - A sequel to the original paper on g-string theory.
  • The Non Abelian Names of God - A scientific paper parody which includes "The Theory Formerly Known physics as Strings","The Stages of a Theory" and a dictionary of physics common phrases.
  • Physics Limericks - Poems from the contests sponsored by the American Physical Society.
  • Sokal's Hoax - "Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of humor Quantum Gravity".
  • BBspot - Half-Life 2 Physics Engine Contains Grand Unified Theory - Physicists at Cornel-Putnam University (CPU) confirmed yesterday the humor Holy Grail physics of Physics, the Grand Unified Theory, humor is contained in the physics Half-Life 2 source code.
  •! - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory\\'s Particle Data Group welcomes you to physics see its Quark Dance website which is a gateway to physics many exciting physics websites.
  • - Songs, and links to sites with more of science them.
  • Buttered Cat - Stick a buttered piece of bread on the back of humor a cat, then throw the cat out a window. humor The result may surprise you.
  • SatireWire - Scientist Splits Atom, Finds Toy Prize Inside - A Princeton physicist recently split an atom of science hydrogen and physics found a toy prize inside, the science journal Science reported in physics its June issue. science [Contains fictitious information.]
  • Angels on a Pin - The possibly true story of the many possible ways of determining the height of a building using only a barometer.
  • Physics Song Book - New physics lyrics to classic tunes.
  • BBspot - Overclocker Creates Rift in Space-Time Continuum - A rift in the space-time continuum was created science when overclocker humor Jamie Aperman ran a 750 MHz science Coppermine Pentium III at humor 1.6 GHz.┬áIt appears science that the CPU humor was operating science so fast that it began to execute instructions humor science before they arrived.
  • The Physics Crackpot Index - A fun site which outlines how you can tell if science a new theory is really from a crackpot.
  • Einstein, Heisenberg, Tipler - A story of interviews between these men and humor God, intended physics to determine if they should enter humor Heaven.
  • Love and Tensor Algebra - A poem by Stanislaw Lem
  • UT-Chattanooga Collection of Physics Humor - Wide variety of physics jokes and humorous essays.

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