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Six hundred caricatures of international stars and easy-to-use method of sketching faces with a few clicks. In English and French.

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  • So Last Year - Amusing, odd, and cute pictures with captions.
  • - Silly photoshopped photos, flash animations and links.
  • - A gallery of unusual or experimental facial expressions.
  • Art Of The State - A collection of bizarre and unrelated photographs.
  • Have a Goo - Featuring interactive manipulation of various images by the weird graphics viewer.
  • Glitter's Cap-Page Board - Humorous captions for screengrabs from TV, movies, and humor other media. humor New galleries posted daily, and remain humor available for a week.
  • The Bumper Banner - Free, printable humorous and unusual bumper stickers. Requires Flash.
  • - Visitors can customize different images, adding text and recreation visuals to them to create humorous pictures.
  • Blinky's House of Mirrors - A gallery of crossfading random images.
  • Ghosts Caught on Camera - A gallery of possibly fake ghosts turning up in photographs.
  • Celebrity Goo Gallery - Morph and manipulate pictures of celebrities.
  • The Mime Box - Mimed pictures plus captions.
  • Shakeskin - A gallery of shaken faces. Visitors can upload weird graphics their own images.
  • Caricature Zone - Six hundred caricatures of international stars and easy-to-use method of weird graphics sketching faces with a few clicks. In English and French.
  • Naked Birds - Featuring pictures of completely nude birds.
  • Stupid Pictures - View funny pictures and doctored images, featuring famous recreation people, animals recreation plus classic faked photos. Visitors can recreation submit their own material.
  • He Looks Like - The morbid game of psychoanalyzing strangers in pictures.
  • The Flip Page - An archive of middle finger pictures.
  • Photos and Icons - Weird, comedic photos, icons, and links.
  • The God Forsaken Place - Experiments with Microsoft Paint and other strange and humor unusual visual weird graphics creations.
  • The Great NoHoHon Adventure - The adventures of a little green Hidamari no humor Tami (also recreation known as Sunny People or Nohohon) humor and his friends.
  • Oligarchy Signage Gallery - Strange and unusual signs from around the world.
  • Strange Signs - A collections of strange billboards, road and street recreation signs, and weird graphics business signs. Visitors can vote for recreation their favorite signs.
  • Abiator's Weirdo City - Humorous and brain-teasing pictures.
  • Spot The Doc - Spot hidden cans of Dr Pepper in photographs of famous weird graphics scenes.
  • - Showcasing animated GIFs, computer games, a plasma jukebox, music files and humor. Javascript support required.
  • The Rabbit - A bizarre, surreal comic strip starring everyday objects.
  • Is this True Art or a Fake? - A brief visual quiz to try to determine if a recreation picture is a masterpiece of modern art, or not.
  • Dago D-Day - Satirical cartoons portrayed by a small bird-man.

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