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Visitors can vote for the attractiveness of ordinary people on a scale of 1 to 10 - or submit their own picture to be judged. Includes general forums.

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Hot or Not?* - Visitors can vote for the attractiveness of ordinary people on a scale of 1 to 10 - or submit their own picture to be judged. Includes general forums.

  • RankStudio - Rate people and pets. Includes polls and member picture ratings profiles.
  • Cyber Societies - Picture rating with comments, user journals, chat, e-mail and on-site picture ratings messages.
  • Fotolove - Photo sharing and critique community, for technical and recreation aesthetic merits. Registration required to rate.
  • Mirchi or Not - View the desi people and rate them for the best picture ratings there.
  • Rank My Tattoos - Show and have pictures of tattoos voted and commented on by other users. Leave messages for other users.
  • Cyber Pageant - Scoring is based on authenticity, mail personality and picture ratings looks.
  • Prejudge Me - Photos are rated on a variety of questions involving appearances.
  • Am I Hot or Not Australia - Includes messages, profiles, top 10 and chat rooms.
  • Cute Meter - Users can submit their own photos to be ranked, see picture ratings latest members or participate in the chat room. Who is picture ratings cuter and 1 to 10 ranking.
  • Rate People - Rate people\\'s pictures that they have submitted, or recreation submit a picture to be rated. Semi-anonymous email, recreation notes and local searches.
  • HumanScore.com - Rate more than 10 qualities of people all picture ratings over picture ratings the world.
  • ShutterPort - Picture rating with 24 categories including animals landscapes and trains.
  • Rate My System - Upload an image of a PC System, or PC Case recreation and rate it compared to others.
  • Rating Art - Rate pictures of art on a scale of recreation 1 to picture ratings 10, or submit artwork to recreation be rated.
  • Shade.ca - Rate people from one to ten according to their beauty, try to guess their age and choose the most attractive person in combat mode.
  • Desi Rater - Rate Indian men and women. Also has a recreation message forum.
  • Pose With Your Toaster - Submit one\\'s own toaster-posing picture and vote for a friends\\' recreation pictures. Features top 10 and picture of the week.
  • Rate My Face - Includes listings of top 100 guys and girls. recreation Registration and photo required to vote.
  • Rate My Pecs - Photographs of men showing off their chest muscles.
  • Rate This Asian - Rate Asian photos, or upload a picture. Features ethnicity filter.
  • PantsonHead.com - Rate photos of people with underwear on their heads. recreation Includes archives.
  • FaceRave - Rating of member profiles, with instant message addresses and chat forum. Requires registration.
  • 2 Rate Me - Rate pictures of guys and girls. Top 11 recreation list.
  • Rate Desi - Rate pictures of fellow desis. Features hottest males and females recreation lists.
  • Who's Hot or Not - Post a photo or vote on existing ones.
  • Drunk or Not? - Visitors rate people\\'s level of inebriation on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Rank My Photos - Submit and rank photos on 1-10 scale, hot or not and a shootout mode. Has top ten or bottom ten ranked photos, and categories for men, women, couples, bikini shots, bare-chested men and cars.
  • Am I a Look Alike? - Rate the similarity of contestants to celebrities. With online submission and top 10 lists.
  • Rap Hunnies - Vote on and rate pictures of Rap Hunnies. Features top picture ratings and bottom 10 lists.
  • Vote For My Photo - Rate the visual appeal of people, or upload picture ratings a picture and get it rated. Includes a picture ratings top/bottom list for males and females, personal message picture ratings boards, and a regional/age search feature.[popups]
  • LipstickAlley.com - Users can vote for the most popular boy picture ratings or girl or submit their own photos. picture ratings Includes forums and member profiles.
  • Rate My Face Off - A new twist on the old rating concept picture ratings where two faces faceoff and a user votes picture ratings for the favorite. [popups]
  • BellaOnline Rate My ... - Rate photos of prom dresses, wedding dresses, cats, dogs, boyfriends, babies, hairdos. Users can send their photos and see how well they compare.
  • LikeMyBody.com - Users can rate photos of men or women picture ratings and recreation read submitted comments.
  • WhoIsHotter.com - Cast your vote for the hotter of 2 recreation photos, or picture ratings add your own to the ballot.
  • Planet Face - Visitors rate members pictures on a scale of picture ratings 0 recreation to 11. Features top 11 women and picture ratings bottom 11 recreation women pages.
  • Rate My Picture - Rate the attractiveness of people on a scale picture ratings from picture ratings 1 to 10. Pictures are sorted by picture ratings score. Includes picture ratings personal profiles and personal message boards.
  • Face The Jury - Rate users pictures or submit your own to be rated. Meet new people through message boards and live chat.
  • Rank My Blank - Rate pictures in different categories.
  • IGotLooks.com - Includes rankings for guys, girls and both. Also picture ratings has recreation a funny pictures section.
  • Rate Pictures - Rate girls or guys. Top 10 lists for girls, guys recreation and newest members.
  • Rate and Date - Rate pictures with profile search and horoscopes.
  • Rating My Looks .Com - Users can vote on photos of men and women or picture ratings upload their own pictures and get them rated. Includes top picture ratings ten lists for males and females.
  • The Hottest Survive - Users vote to eliminate pictures, so only the hottest remain. recreation Features a college edition that pits colleges against one another.
  • Rate My Mug - Meet and rate images of guys, girls and couples.
  • Rating Babies - Rate pictures of babies on scale of 1 to 10, recreation or a user can submit their own baby photo to recreation be rated.
  • LitUp - A community photo rating and dating site.
  • Your Face Sucks - Picture ratings for those who want to prove that their face doesn't suck.
  • Rate My Tattoo - Rate photos of tattoos, classified by picture type.
  • YouBeenX - A photo rating site with forums and detailed user profiles.
  • Beautiful or Ugly - Rate member pictures and make new friends.
  • Show Your Pic - Rate people\\'s pictures or submit a picture to recreation be rated. recreation Includes discussion forum.
  • Palbyte - Rate pictures, profiles, instant messages, live chat, guestbooks and picture ratings diary.
  • Wonderful Moments - Users can view and rate snapshots of everyday life or recreation upload their own.
  • Bid on Dates - Rate, bid, date based on user photos.
  • ApnaSpace - Image rating and social networking for Desi, Indian and Pakistani youth from around the globe.
  • Ten or One - Photographs of males and females. Forum.
  • Am I Cute Or Not? - Picture rating site. People rate picture from 1 (not so picture ratings cute) to 10 (very cute).
  • Look at Me - Features uploaded pictures of Swedish web users and rating system.
  • Indian Celeb - Indian based picture rating system where users can upload their recreation picture and let others rate them.
  • Mom or Dad - Users can choose which parent a child most resembles.
  • Bangme.net - Vote yes or no and leave a comment.
  • Rate My Body - Member pictures and profiles. Discussion forum and recreation chat. Search by sex or location.
  • Me or you.com - Rate pictures of two celebrities or regular people to determine who is the better looking.
  • What a Looker! - Rate pictures of others or submit your own recreation photo and picture ratings look what rating it gets. Top recreation rated members are awarded picture ratings a prize.
  • Bike or Not - Users can rate bikes or submit their own bike to be rated. Includes classifieds and top 10.

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