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Sites which contain travel images from multiple continents modified with an animated object or some other unifying theme.

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See Also:
  • Maid Appleton - Worldwide travels from Maid Appleton, a juice box.
  • Manpower Photo Series - Photographs from Europe and elsewhere with two human bodies in humor profile - the Vitruvian Man.
  • - Offer stories and pictures from toy voyagers on travel their worldwide travel travels.
  • - Offers travel images of a garden gnome in travel the USA, and above and under water at travel the Cayman Islands.
  • The Bird Goes 'Round - Worldwide travel images of the Keats inspired cardboard travel Nightingale. Visitors travel can contribute their own Nightingale photos.
  • Tacky Tourist Photo Album - Photographs from vacations posing with and around tacky image galleries tourist image galleries objects.
  • The World Tours of Bud - Photographs from Africa, Europe, and North America with humor Bud, the mannequin.
  • Snowman Travel - Offers images and humorous stories from snowman\\'s Asia image galleries and travel Europe travel, USA and Mexico travel experiences.
  • Schmedley and Headley - A weblog with travel pictures from two 6 travel inch tall plastic dinosaurs.

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