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The Ask an Expert Category is for websites that allow users to submit their own questions for answers. While archives of answers and information are useful, in order to get listed in this category, there must be a live human answering questions, not just a search engine or computer. Again, we ONLY want web sites where you can submit questions to a pool of experts and have them supply an answer.

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See Also:
  • LinkedIn: Answers - Ask questions and get answers from your network ask an expert ask an expert and other volunteer experts.
  • Wondir - Ask or answer questions on all topics. Responders reference are eligible reference for tips, prizes, and published ratings.
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  • Yedda - Ask questions and share, explore and discover knowledge.
  • Quad City Times - Ask medical, advertising and home improvement questions.
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  • - Ask questions and get answers from volunteer experts.
  • Ask Me Help Desk - Ask a question in one of over 300 ask an expert reference categories.
  • The AnswerBank - Post questions and answers or discuss topics of ask an expert ask an expert interest.
  • MSN - QnA - Get answers and share expertise with the others in the reference community.
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  • - Ask questions for answers and chat from other community members.
  • Blurt It - Users can ask questions, answer questions, and collect points for questions answered.
  • Askville by Amazon - User-generated questions and answers, also with discussions and expert user profiles.
  • Ask FactCheck - Ask political questions and selected questions will be researched and reference answered.

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