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Services include a lending library with mailing direct to homes, a curriculum and book store, swap and discussion boards, and events listings.

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  • Eclectic Homeschool Online - An online homeschool portal with resources and support for creative homeschoolers, including state laws and regulations, curriculum reviews, articles, and a bookstore.
  • Homeschool.com - Resources and information including articles and message boards.
  • Homeschooling Resources - Links to resources, schools, and educational tools.
  • Cottage School Search Site - Cottageschool.net allows you to find homeschoolers, cottage and classical schools, home schooling teacher and tutors close to your home.
  • HomeHearts - Information and helps including philosophy, methods, materials, scheduling, tools, support, and step-by-step guide to getting started.
  • Learning Treasures - Provides worksheets, unit studies, articles, and a newsletter.
  • TheHomeSchoolMom.Com - A variety of free resources for home educators, from software to unit studies. Also lists academic contests, homeschooling styles, and curriculum recommendations.
  • About.com: Homeschooling - Provides unit studies, games, forum, local resources, and home schooling a k through 12 weekly newsletter.
  • Educationsense - Down-to-earth support, resources, products, services and camps, by k through 12 k through 12 home educators for home educators. Includes discussion k through 12 k through 12 lists, de-cluttering pages and "The Festival Folk Finder".
  • You Can Teach Your Kids at Home - Provides learning activities geared toward preschoolers. Includes teaching tips, story k through 12 stretchers, and a guide to getting started.
  • DonnaYoung.org - Print-outs, forms, planners, handwriting practice sheets, grading cards, education cursive animations, k through 12 and resource links.
  • Homeschooling on a Shoestring - Frugal ideas for homeschooling, including unit studies, educational education software reviews, k through 12 recipes, and safety tips.
  • Carschooling - Ideas and resources for learning while in the car.
  • The Home School Source - Services include a lending library with mailing direct home schooling to education homes, a curriculum and book store, swap home schooling and discussion education boards, and events listings.
  • Homeschooled Multiples - Message boards, educational sites, an egroup, and advice from other parents who educate twins, triplets, quads, or more.
  • Vision Harvest - Tools for home education, vocation, alternative education, small k through 12 business, vocational callings, and frugal living.
  • The HomeSchool Times - Offers support for homeschoolers with message boards for education adults and children, articles, and lesson plans.
  • Parents Educating at Home (PEAH) - Discount card for home educators.
  • Homeschool World - Home of Mary Pride\\'s Practical Homeschooling magazine and homeschooling community. k through 12 Large number of articles, news, online experts, up-to-date events k through 12 list, groups listed by state, contests listing, forum, email newsletter, k through 12 and links area.
  • Homeschool Country - Includes Christian articles, lesson-planning worksheets, and links to home schooling other home schooling resources.
  • Secular Homeschooling - Resources, curriculum reviews, guidelines, and forums for nonreligious education homeschoolers.
  • Homeschool Central - Advice for new homeschoolers, columns from the Miserly k through 12 k through 12 Mom, Catholic resources, preschool through high school activities, k through 12 k through 12 and information on individual states.
  • Returning Educational Choices to Parents - Links, statistics and information supporting the case for home schooling home schooling versus government programming.
  • Learning By Grace, Inc. - Online homeschooling academies including Jubilee, MorningStar, Grace Academy, home schooling Victory home schooling Math Academy, SAT training, and Radio Grace.
  • Nethomeschool.com - Homeschool portal including state resources, laws, information, an education "Ask Julie" column, and articles.
  • Percipion - Resources and articles from seasoned veteran homeschoolers.
  • Homeschooling in America - Find information on state laws, support groups, styles, education laws, local k through 12 resources and support for homeschooling in education every state in America.
  • Trivium Pursuit - Resources for applying classical Christian education to homeschooling. Home k through 12 to the Trivium Email Loop, an Internet Guide for homeschoolers, k through 12 articles by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn, listing of national contests k through 12 open to homeschoolers, seminar schedule, a gr
  • Homeschooling and Homeschool Info - General information and articles on homeschooling and homeschool including HSLDA, education homeschooling laws, curriculum, and social concerns.
  • Homeschooling Only One - Tips and support for those homeschooling only children.
  • Treasured Time for Homeschooling - Teaching ideas on do-it-yourself homeschooling, chat room and forum.
  • Homeschool Dads - Geared specifically for the fathers who homeschool. Includes home schooling homeschooling k through 12 news, articles, organizations, events, and forums.
  • The Homeschool Oasis - Encouragement for those considering it, starting out or k through 12 burning out. Plan to spend some time k through 12 exploring this 300-plus page site.
  • Homeschool Social Register - Offers a free service allowing homeschoolers to get in touch with other homeschoolers in their area while protecting each party\\'s privacy. Separate pages for towns, cities and counties in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • Homeschool Highlights - Curriculum reviews and education articles from Dean and Karen Andreola.
  • Homeschool Resource Directory - Portal site with support information, getting started, articles, laws, and regional resources.
  • Denim Jumpers - New homeschooling information, articles, filtered search function, and home schooling top home schooling ten lists. From a Christian perspective.
  • Wise Folk - Christian homeschool directory combined with lessons and worksheets education with a home schooling focused support to the Bible.
  • Homeschooling Boys - Articles, links, contests, an email list, forums, and advice all boy-specific. From a Christian perspective.
  • Homeschooling.Com - Homeschooling portal containing legal information, opinion pieces, resources, k through 12 forms, and high school helps.
  • HomeSchooler Network - Provides lessons, activities, and articles to help homeschoolers in their k through 12 educational and parenting aspects of their lives.
  • Learn in Freedom! - Resources for unschoolers, homeschoolers, and all learners, with home schooling or without school.
  • TeachingMom.com - Message board, articles, and resources for homeschooling and family life. home schooling From a Christian perspective.
  • Home-Schooled.com Alumni Directory - Bulletin boards, classifieds, and user pages for this home schooling alumni k through 12 directory which seeks to connect homeschoolers throughout home schooling the world.
  • Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association - Resource for families wishing to incorporate Afrocentric homeschooling. home schooling Links, activities, and email group.
  • Jon's Homeschool Resource Page - A large collection of homeschool resources. Online support groups, regional support groups, FAQs, discussion boards, chat, mailing lists and links.
  • EasyFunSchool.com - Provides free articles, resource links, a newsletter, and other features k through 12 to help make homeschooling easier and more enjoyable.
  • A-to-Z Home's Cool - Homeschooling community and portal site: chat, boards, events, k through 12 home schooling articles, kids\\' sites, links to learning materials, support k through 12 home schooling groups, ideas for educating teens, and laws worldwide. k through 12 home schooling Also includes sample forms and transcripts.
  • Homeschooling at FamilyEducation.com - Advice and information, activities, product reviews, discussion boards.
  • Home School Information - Offers the positive and negative views of homeschooling, education resources that are available for homeschooling, and links education to colleges.

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