Ethnic Cultural Museums

Contains material on politics, religion, language, education, industry and business, theater and music, genealogy, and civic leaders. Includes hours and directions to location in Lewiston, Maine.

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  • Romanian Museum in Chicago - Will present an authentic recreation of a 1910 Transylvanian peasant household and provide permanent and temporary collections. Includes a proposed floor plan and photos.
  • Hellenic Cultural Museum - Description of the founding and the contents of the first Hellenic (Greek) Museum in America, with opening times and contact data. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture - General information, exhibits, research and resource center, the arts, history, ethnic and gift shop. Located in Chicago, Illinois.
  • National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library - Collection features approximately 5,000 objects from the 19th cultural through the ethnic 21st century. Contains information about exhibits, cultural programs, events, hours, admission ethnic rates, and directions to cultural the location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ethnic United States.
  • University of Southern Maine's Franco American Collection - Contains material on politics, religion, language, education, industry cultural and business, museums theater and music, genealogy, and civic cultural leaders. Includes hours museums and directions to location cultural in Lewiston, Maine.
  • Acadian Museum and Archives - Displays artifacts, showcases a rare aboiteau, camera collection museums and household items. The research center houses historical museums and genealogical documents. Includes hours, fees and museums directions. Located in Nova Scotia. [French museums and English].
  • Hungarian Heritage Museum - Events calendar, general information, collections and exhibitions with photos, and monthly seminar series. Located in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Ukrainian Museum - Collections of folk art, fine art, and historical and cultural materials. Includes schedule of craft classes. Located in New York City, New York.
  • Estonian Literary Museum - Collects, preserves, studies and displays the cultural heritage of Estonia, and is the central repository of Estonian literature and folklore. Located in Tartu. In English and in Estonian.
  • American Museum of Asmat Art - Introduction, general information, the people and the culture, ethnic the collection, and resources. Located in St. Paul, ethnic Minnesota.
  • Polish Museum of America - Exhibits of the art, history and culture of Poland and museums the Polish-American community. Lists hours, fees, location, and upcoming events. museums Located in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Armenian Library & Museum of America - General information with images. Located in Watertown, museums Massachusetts.
  • Ethnological Museum of Thrace - General information, exhibits, news, and events. Located in ethnic Alexandroupolis, Greece.
  • Scottish Tartans Museum - The American extension of the museum of Edinburgh. cultural Includes information about highland dress and the history cultural of tartan and the kilt. Located in Franklin, cultural North Carolina.
  • Arab American National Museum - Exhibits feature the Arab civilization and its contributions cultural to science, ethnic medicine, mathematics and astronomy and the cultural history of immigration. View ethnic exhibit details, events, activities, cultural hours, admission fees and directions. Located ethnic in Dearborn, cultural Michigan, Uni
  • National Museum of African Art - Features African art from antiquity to the present. Information on ethnic exhibitions, programs, collections and research. Washington, DC.
  • Ukrainian Museum: Archives - Collects and preserves literature, recordings, and artifacts that museums demonstrate history and culture, immigration to America, and museums the history of the local community. Located in museums Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Asian Civilisations Museum - Collection includes artifacts reflecting the cultural background of Singapore including cultural ceramics, basketry, and textiles.

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