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Embassy of Japan in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with news, press releases, Japan-Egpyt relations information, events, and culture center.

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See Also:
  • Czech Republic - Embassy of the Czech Republic in Cairo, listing the main agreements signed between the Czech Republic and Egypt.
  • Nepal - Royal Nepalese Embassy located in Cairo and accredited to Egypt, embassies and consulates South Africa, Algeria, Cyprus, Israel, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. embassies and consulates With information on Nepal-Egypt relations and consular matters.
  • Malta - Provides contact information for the embassy, ambassador and embassies and consulates embassies and consulates first secretary.[PDF]
  • Canada - Information about Canada and the nature of its relationship with Egypt, as well as information about consular services, commercial exchanges and business opportunities. Located in Cairo.
  • Netherlands - Royal Netherlands Embassy in Cairo. Includes news, crisis management, education, and related resources.
  • United States - Provides information related to travel, public affairs, regional government issues, and foreign upcoming events.
  • Slovenia - Contact information and office hours for the Embassy embassies and consulates foreign of the Republic of Slovenia in Cairo, Arab embassies and consulates foreign Republic of Egypt.
  • Sri Lanka - Has contact information for the Embassy of Sri Lanka in government Cairo, and brief information on the history and geography of government Sri Lanka. In English and Arabic.
  • Singapore - Accredited to Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. With announcements, foreign statements and speeches from the Singapore Embassy in Cairo.
  • Denmark - Information on activities and services offered, with contact details. (English embassies and consulates and Danish).
  • Norway - Includes contact information for the Royal Norwegian Embassy government in Cairo, government and the Royal Norwegian Consulates General government in Alexandria, Port Said, government and Khartoum.
  • Japan - Embassy of Japan in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with embassies and consulates news, press releases, Japan-Egpyt relations information, events, and culture center.
  • Belgium - Embassy of Belgium in Cairo, featuring information on foreign scholarships and education in Belgium.
  • Egypt - Cairo - Special Mission of the Republic of Estonia to embassies and consulates foreign the Arab Republic of Egypt. Bilateral relations and embassies and consulates foreign consular information.
  • Germany - Information about the embassy and the ambassador, about German foreign government policy and culture. With quotations from the Egyptian media about government Germany and links to German institutions and companies in Egypt.
  • European Commission - The European Commission\\'s Delegation to Egypt, with an embassies and consulates foreign explanation of European Commission relations, programs and agreements embassies and consulates foreign with Egypt.
  • United Kingdom - Provides visa, commercial and consular services, also providing information on UK-Egyptian relations.
  • Finland - Embassy of Finland, Cairo, accredited to Egypt and foreign the Sudan. Describes the state of trade and foreign development co-operation between Finland and Egypt.

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