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  • Disappointment - Spoof of scripts, magazines and celebrities, plus rants humour on a variety of topics.
  • The Voice of Reason - A parody of the printed media and television.
  • Daily Reckless - Parody of a British tabloid newspaper.
  • The Domicile - Funny Thought of the Day, and humorous rants on subjects united kingdom as diverse as dieting, old people, eavesdropping and how to united kingdom recognise a piano.
  • London Underground: The Song - Flash music video satirising the quality of service on the London Underground. Contains explicit lyrics.
  • Roger the Rectangle - A series of flash cartoons charting adventures in humour a two-dimensional humour world.
  • First Foot - Covers the myth, magic, beliefs and baloney, history, mystery and humour blistery feet upon the walk of Scottish life that is humour Hogmanay.
  • Scambuster419 - Featuring stories of scammers being strung along by humour a scambaiter, humour plus photographs and advice.
  • The Knutty Knights Humour Page - A glossary of humour, with example of all recreation and sports humour sorts of types.
  • Dick's House - Enjoy Dick\\'s double entendres and send one of recreation and sports united kingdom his naughty e-greetings. Search the cartoon house via recreation and sports united kingdom the animated house-cam to catch Dick and Fanny recreation and sports united kingdom up to no good.
  • Military Humour - Allegedly true stories from British servicemen and women serving all over the world.
  • - Visitors can share their love of small wooden buildings, exchange united kingdom photographs and discuss shed-related activities.
  • - A collection of jokes, images, funny stories and humour British humour.
  • The Rockall Times - Satirical articles related to current affairs. Also offers united kingdom t-shirt sales.
  • Feel Welcome - Joke art, comedy photography and very short fiction.
  • Channel Z Television - Chronicles the adventures and misadventures of a fictional satellite TV recreation and sports station. Includes biographies for and gossip about staff members, blurbs recreation and sports about programs, and station history.
  • The Brishish Invasion Squadron - Based around a group of friends from Motley united kingdom Fool message board after it went subscription only, united kingdom with an ID parade, a selection of quizzes united kingdom and caption competitions.
  • The Bunce - A satirical magazine, using comedy to address issues recreation and sports in Western society.
  • Whoohoo! - Amusing translations of British dialects including; cockney, geordie, Irish, scouse, united kingdom Yorkshire and brummie versions as well as the popular Ali united kingdom G.
  • Inspector Boozer and the Maddingham Murders - Spoof detective story set in a rural area united kingdom with recreation and sports an alarmingly high death rate.
  • The Goon Show Depository - The definitive information source for Spike Millignan\\'s highly united kingdom esteemed Goon Show. The site contains the unique united kingdom "Goonbase".
  • mediapill - Fornightly guide to entertainment gone wrong.
  • Comedy Monologues - Fairly truthful tales from the North of England. Comedy monologues in the classic style written and illustrated by Gary Hogg.
  • The Daily Mash - Satire site offering parodies of news, politics and humour sport stories.
  • Comedy Online London - Stand up comedy and cabaret listings for clubs, pubs, comedians recreation and sports and comedy venues in London.
  • Chairmanmoo - Fictional news reports on politics, showbusiness, sports and united kingdom current united kingdom events.
  • Fact Sheep - Displays an interesting or unusual fact from an evergrowing database. humour Visitors can submit facts of their own for inclusion.
  • - Horrorscopes, World Cup Bingo, bizarre domain names and tips on humour playing pranks on your friends.
  • The Crappy Animation Cinema Foyer - A collection of lo-fi animations by Toby Tripp.
  • - E-zine covering the humorous, the weird and the strange but all true. Readers' contributions are welcome.
  • Petrol Direct - Spoof mail-order retailer of petroleum products.
  • EasyRocket - Budget space travel and holidays. Includes price list united kingdom and recreation and sports launch schedule.
  • JardMail - Repository of humorous, witty and amusing emails and attachments. Includes a search engine, regular updates of new material and a weekly mailing list.
  • The Surrealist - Offbeat and surreal humour, animations and games.

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